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  • Automotive
  • Computer Software
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  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospital, Health & Wellness
  • Information Technology
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About Faye

At Faye, we love software. We eat it, breath it, and build it. Our mission is to make the best software in the world even better. We help clients lead the way with software strategy, deployments, integrations, managed services, and technical support.

With us is better than without us. An Inc 5000 award winner ten years in a row, Faye helps mid-market and enterprise clients globally achieve up to 10x productivity returns by leveraging the hidden potential within leading CRM, CX, and productivity applications like Zendesk, SugarCRM, Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshworks, Pipedrive, and more.

Our technical team has integrated hundreds of applications over the years and are experts at providing integration solutions using tools like Tray. In addition to our integration technical chops, we also bring a business point of view to all integration projects by helping with design, mapping, and solution definition. Application expertise includes:

  • CRM
  • CX
  • ERP
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM
  • Custom

Key services around Tray include:

  • Discovery
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Business Process Design
  • Mapping
  • Development
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Managed Services

To learn more, check out our website at https://fayedigital.com/. Or, contact us at 818-280-4820 or info@fayebsg.com to find out how we can help you successfully launch Tray to take your application integration to the next level. .