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At we believe that any organization can and should automate. With the Tray Platform, citizen automators throughout organizations can easily automate complex processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs. See how easy it is to integrate and scale an enterprise’s growth and productivity.

In the beginning

Three friends founded was started by three friends: Rich, Ali, and Dom. They had questions based on their own work issues: How do we get all of our cloud stack data to work together? How can anyone connect their stack without tech help? Can we make a configuration easy enough for any non-engineer to figure out in any company around the world? Welcome to

Empowering citizen automators is a big idea that attracted top-tier investors

Board Members

Glenn Solomon (GGV)

Puneet Agarwal (True)

Rich Waldron

Alistair Russell

Mike Chalfen (Mosaic)

Alex Clayton (Spark)


Harris Barton

Eileen Burbridge

Thomas Korte

Andy Leaver

Andy Mcloughlin

Charlie Songhurst

Hank Vigil

GGV Capital and Tray investorMosaic Ventures is an investor of TrayTrue Ventures invested in TrayRed Point is a Tray investorSpark Capital an investor in TrayMeritech Capital an investor in Tray

Awards + Press

Tray customers are world-wide

The idea attracts customers from around the globe

We take personal pride in delivering customer success

  • We engineer our systems to process billions of tasks a month in real time.

  • We release product enhancements daily to give our customers an edge.

  • We obsess over user experience. It’s got to be easy to use.

  • We roll-up our sleeves to get new customers up-and-running with configuration consulting.

  • We go out of our way to deliver fanatical customer and partner support.

As a result, our loyal customers continue to expand their usage of the Tray Platform. Some customers already have automated hundreds of processes. And they are so happy that they recommend the Tray Platform to their friends and colleagues.

Tray Facts

  • 10,000,000,000 tasks processed by the Tray Platform per month

  • 2 minutes time needed to add a new connector

  • 10,000+ users on the Tray Platform

  • 350,000+ employees at Tray's enterprise customers

  • 109 countries where the Tray Platform is used

  • 0.1 second platform processing speed

Tray founders have signed the Founders Pledge

We care about giving back

That’s why we signed the Founders Pledge to donate at least 2% to charity.


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