Automate any finance and accounting process from order to cash to invoicing

Cut out the manual effort and accelerate any process with low-code integration and automation that connects your finance and accounting stack

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integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

The low-code Tray Platform makes it simple for finance and accounting teams to lead with automation, accelerating order-to-cash, supercharging invoicing, and speeding up financial planning and reporting.

Easily connect and integrate any application and automate any process with drag and speed and ease. Tap into a vast connector library that reaches across ERPs, subledgers, and CRMs, and a visual workflow builder that makes it simple to automate any process visually.

The Tray Platform armed our organization with the ability not just to innovate our processes, but to automate manual work across our entire finance team.

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Automate your order to cash (O2C) process and fast-track revenue

Use low-code automation to create workflows that instantly route closed orders from your CRM directly into your ERP.  The Tray Platform connects to all major CRM and ERP apps to automate your O2C process, sync customer and order information, and manage approvals as needed with a full audit trail. Read more

Get the cash in faster with invoicing automation

Automate any task in your accounts receivable process. Auto-notify customers when a purchase order is required on an invoice. Build an intelligent, automated dunning process to reduce DSO. Create workflows that automate cash application, matching payments to corresponding invoices and accounts.

Streamline financial reporting and planning data flows

Cut out the spreadsheets and manual data formatting. Tray Platform can auto-flow data from your ERP to your analytics tools and FP&A applications instantly, enabling finance teams to spend more time analyzing and forecasting.

Visually automate any financial close task

Use the Tray Platform platform to automate any financial close task, from reconciling accounts to matching transactions and even posting journal entries to your ERP based on flexible business rules.

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