Recapture lost revenue with low-code automation

Recapture 30% of potential revenue and supercharge growth with low-code automation. Align your Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, and Customer Success Ops teams to create a frictionless buyer experience

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Buyer expectations have shifted. Your prospects crave a seamless, B2C-like buying experience with every vendor evaluation. Quick response times and personalized engagement is the key to conversion and customer retention, yet business teams are often shackled by siloed processes and applications, inaccurate data, and manual processes. 

The low-code Tray Platform lets Revenue Operations teams automate critical processes such as lead lifecycle management, quote to cash and renewals, helping Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, and Customer Success Ops create more pipeline, land more deals, and increase customer lifetime value - all through the power of automation.

Lead lifecycle management templates

Discover's vast library of lead intake templates that connect many popular sources into industry-leading CRMs and MAPs. By utilizing the same standard lead object across every template, organizations can rapidly scale to a variety of lead sources or change destinations on the fly as needed.

We got our lead response time down from 30 minutes to 10. The Tray Platform is powerful and flexible enough to rapidly manage huge amounts of data at enterprise scale.

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Maximize pipeline growth for Marketing Ops

Lead data is often scattered and siloed across applications forcing teams to manually upload lead lists, validate email addresses, create records, and more. 

Leverage the low-code Tray Platform to connect systems seamlessly and automate your entire lead lifecycle processing pipeline from lead capture and enrichment to routing and sequencing, creating a frictionless, airtight funnel.

Supercharge the sales cycle for Sales Ops

Whether it is allocating or scoring accounts, reporting, or quote to cash, increasing efficiency is absolutely critical in Sales Operations and leads to more revenue. 

Easily connect your sales tech stack and CRM to ensure sales reps are only working with the freshest, most accurate data available and reducing their time spent on manual processes.

Boost customer lifetime value for Customer Success Ops

Increasing customer lifetime value is the backbone of any business and essential for revenue growth. As companies scale, they encounter more friction points in the customer experience and an increased risk of churn.

Deliver a seamless customer experience with low-code automation by eliminating common areas of friction within renewal management, upsell/cross-sell opportunities, and more.

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