Enterprise Core

Automation at scale starts here

Tray's Enterprise Core is the key to building a powerful automation practice without the challenges and constraints of outdated iPaaS solutions.

The serverless foundation makes scaling on-demand effortless. The collaborative multi-experience nature enables technologists, engineers, and frontline employees to address use cases throughout the entire organization whether using the conventional visual builder or exposing workflows through AI enhanced API management.

This modern iPaaS approach empowers enterprises to achieve significant outcomes while maintaining the highest security standards.

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Scale and governance for the enterprise

Managing your automation portfolio across teams is easy with Workspaces and Projects. Insights Hub offers complete visibility into usage, success rate, and volume trends of each and every integration.

Black box processes are a thing of the past with the ability to search detailed logs, or stream them in real-time to your preferred cloud monitoring services.

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  • Complete governance
  • Management
  • Observability


  • Sandboxes
  • Import/export workflows
  • Audit trail
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  • Insights Hub
  • Log streaming
  • Searchable logs

Strong security and compliance for your integrations

Tray is fully compliant with industry standards like SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, and GDPR. It’s simple for your users to securely sign in to Tray using SSO.

Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest for complete security. Grow your integrations with confidence, with Role-Based Access Control as standard to manage access effectively.

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  • RBAC
  • Encryption
  • Custom log retention
  • SSO
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  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • GDPR 
  • CCPA

Scales frictionlessly with your workloads

Built using serverless technology, Tray scales up effortlessly to meet spikes in demand.

Stay focused on your business without needing to size and provision workers or servers. Scale out without the ops headaches, with strong visual automated error handling, intuitive debugging, stateful workflows, API-retry logic, API queuing, and industry-leading uptime.


Scale up

  • Serverless architecture
  • No provisioning
  • Elastic processing
  • Highly parallel
  • Scale up/down on-demand
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Scale Out

  • Error-handling
  • Debugging
  • API-retries
  • API-queuing
  • Stateful workflows

Flexibility to adapt to your enterprise landscape

Our regional data centers in North America, EMEA, or APAC ensure you can meet the residency requirements for data processing.

Integrate with any API-based cloud application, database, or tool, or extend to your on-premises environment with Site-to-Site VPN or VPC.

Instantly authenticate to your applications, databases, and tools, with standard support for a broad range of authentications including OAuth, Tokens, and Basic auth.

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Fully composable from the ground up

Tray.io’s modern architecture makes it easy for companies to composably, collaboratively and continuously integrate, automate and transform every business process using AI to unlock hyper-efficient agility and growth. Maximize sharing, reuse, and assembly.

Use Snippets to create reusable business logic applicable in any workflow. Simplify integration activation with prepackaged Templates or create your own. Deploy easy-to-activate Templates in your integration marketplace to create your own centralized Center of Excellence for your users.

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