Transform LLM Outputs into Complete Business Processes

Say goodbye to the barriers prohibiting automation across your enterprise and say hello to faster digital transformation. Introducing Tray Merlin AI - the natural language way to transform large language model recommendations into complete business processes. Simply ask it questions, like you would a colleague, and watch as it gets to work saving you weeks and months of time compared to doing things the old way.

Merlin is your autonomous agent

Merlin serves as the “body” to the Large Language Model’s “brain,” turbocharging Tray’s capabilities and providing the essential tools for action. While responses provided by LLMs like OpenAI are static in nature, it’s the Tray platform’s foundational core that brings those suggestions to life. Front-line employees and managers can now obtain instant answers to urgent business issues. Business technologists can now build workflows more effectively than they could on their own. Merlin eliminates manual processes and relieves engineering dependencies so that the entire organization can unlock the full potential of AI-driven automation and operate at high speed to achieve powerful business outcomes.

Tray Merlin User
Tray Merlin User
Tray Merlin User

Tray Merlin AI equips:

Business technologists

to build and iterate enterprise processes faster and better than with just low-code alone

Managers and front line employees

to shift from manual work to automated answers on-demand


to use natural language instruction in the way that best suits them and to focus on more complex integrations and automations now that others in their organization can self-serve

Create a new spreadsheet in Sheets called “Web Leads.” Get the name, email, company, and lead source for all my salesforce leads where the lead source is web, then loop through each one and add to the sheet. Found 4 connectors, adding Google Sheets, Salesforce, Loop Collection, Google Sheets to the workflow

The possibilities for your business are endless

Merlin - CMO


Strategic Planning

The CMO of a large enterprise software company wants to optimize social media investments by identifying the top lead sources for the largest Closed Won accounts by revenue and cross-referencing the data with LinkedIn engagement. Merlin's conversational interface integrates the enterprise’s CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, and social media engagement platform, then provides instant results and shares them via Slack or Teams based on the CMO’s natural language instruction.

Merlin - CMO Chat
Merlin - IT

IT Manager

Employee Offboarding

IT needs to quickly deprovision apps for an employee that is leaving the company on short notice. Tray Merlin AI goes beyond traditional SSO solutions like Okta to identify instances of apps purchased personally or accessed without SSO. Merlin securely queries various IT systems, expense management systems, databases, and identity management platforms, retrieving and presenting this information for IT action.

Merlin - IT Chat
Merlin - Customer Support

Customer Success Operations

Post sales handoff

The sales and customer success teams at a large engineering services firm want to deliver a more frictionless customer experience by streamlining pre and post sales processes. With Merlin, they can build a workflow to automatically update their project management system with relevant client information from their CRM and notify the professional services team via email immediately after a deal closes. Using the low-code visual builder, they can review and easily make changes to the workflow to improve its efficiency. By automating this process, project execution is faster, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Merlin - Customer Success Chat
Merlin - Marketing

Marketing Operations

Inbound lead follow up

A marketing ops manager needs to refine their lead delivery processes to deliver high-value leads to sales reps faster, ensuring a quick response to prospects. Using Merlin, they can assign highly-scored leads immediately and create an Outreach sequence where the first action is a call to learn about the prospect’s needs. Merlin automatically builds a workflow that captures lead scoring data from Marketo, assigns it to the rep in Salesforce and builds the Outreach sequence, notifying sales reps via Slack or Teams. All authentication steps are built in, and the low-code visual builder displays all steps for review. Changes can be made easily to refine the workflow if needed.

Merlin - Marketing Chat

AI scale and governance for the enterprise

Worried if your proprietary data is being sent to third-party LLMs? Tray Platform’s scalability and robust governance, security and controls extend to Merlin AI.



Leverages our highly parallel serverless architecture for concurrent automation executions


Logging and instrumentation

Full audit trail and notification



Unlike many applications using LLM models, Merlin's capabilities are self-contained, only sending the functional inputs of your requests to the LLM and never sending actual customer data



Automatically seeks and applies authentication to gain access to apps

Builders in our organization already rely on Tray as they rapidly develop the low-code workflows needed to improve operational processes across our business. With the addition of Merlin AI to the Tray platform, our business technologists can interface with Tray using natural language instruction to build faster and build better. Even more impactful is the ability for us to put the power of automation in the hands of our front-line employees and managers so they can instantly get answers to business queries that would have otherwise required weeks or months of development to work out the required integrations.

Brendon Ritz, Senior Director of Marketing Ops at ThoughtSpot
Brendon Ritz, Senior Director of Marketing Ops

How it works

Merlin builds workflows in the most optimal manner using connectors from Tray’s extensive connector library and seeks authentication when required to access systems or data. When finished, all the steps are displayed in a low-code visual builder where the user can review and make any desired modifications. Tray’s low-code foundation makes it well positioned to deliver AI-powered automation as it allows users to inspect, apply any changes and confirm all the steps being built before deploying the automated processes in production.

What are you and Merlin going to build first?