Tray Chat

Your AI-powered assistant for on-demand automation

Tray Chat makes it simple for anyone to turn a conversation into immediate action using your very own AI-powered assistant. Powered by Merlin AI, Tray Chat helps connect and automate your whole stack, so your business can run faster.

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Supercharge your team’s productivity, naturally.

No more time-wasted logging into multiple apps or waiting for experts to get work done. Need the top leads from your CRM sent to Slack? Alerts on upcoming renewals from your ERP? Or auto-route service desk escalations?

Tray Chat empowers everyone to simply ask in natural language, and takes care of all the hard work so your team doesn't have to.

AI-powered chat that’s totally fluent with your stack

Tray Chat works with our massive library of native connectors to apps, databases, and services.

Powered by Merlin AI, Tray Chat effortlessly handles everything from knowing which ERP, CRM, HCM, or other app to authenticate with, how to connect and integrate with it, so your team doesn’t have to. 

  • AI-powered digital assistant for automation

  • Over 600 connectors built-in

  • Securely integrates and connects to your stack

Built on a foundation of trust and transparency

Tray Chat is transparent in how it approaches your requests, showing you every step it takes to turn your chat into an action.

Underpinned by Tray’s Enterprise Core, every chat comes with an audit trail, has end-to-end security, and is capable of handling any volume of actions your organization can throw at it.

Transform your organization’s agility

Tray Chat - Empower

Empower teams to act faster

Tray Chat turns complexity into simplicity, turning conversations into powerful integrations, automations, and actions so anyone can self-serve instantaneously.

Tray Chat - Bottlenecks

Cut integration bottlenecks

Take the load off your technologists and integration specialists. With Tray Chat, marketing, sales, service can integrate and automate on-demand.

Tray Chat - ROI

Get more ROI from your stack

With connectivity to vast array of apps, databases, and services, your team can instantly take actions that drive more value from your ERP, CRM, HCM, and other investments.

Daniel Wynn from Peddle
User Provisioning

"With the Tray Platform, we can automate away the manual work–and mistakes–and let our teams focus on doing what they do best."

Daniel Wynn, Director of IT

Conversational Automation that accelerates productivity

It’s time to securely empower anyone in your organization to turn business requests into results, on-demand.  Tray Chat, powered by Merlin AI, connects to hundreds of apps, databases, and services, immediately transforming conversations into powerful actions.

  • AI-powered digital assistant for automation
  • Over 600 connectors built-in
  • Securely integrates and connects to your stack
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