Simplify Your Ecosystem's Integration Activation

Give your customers, partners, and suppliers the power to activate and customize integrations swiftly and securely, in a guided experience, right from your product or digital marketplace. It’s integration made easy, at the speed of a click.

Build reusable integration solutions with low-code velocity

Slash engineering costs and turbocharge your deployment process with Tray. Leverage Tray Build to craft reusable, customizable integration templates quickly using low-code. Just identify the parameters for your users to configure the integration and leave the rest to Tray.

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Design the perfect activation flow with Solution Editor

Visually design the perfect step-by-step activation experience for each integration, from authentication to each step your ecosystem takes. Add tailored instructions or custom code to provide the best-guided experience possible. Make every integration activation a breeze for your customers.

Capabilities - Activate - Solution Editor

Configuration Wizard: A unique, engaging activation experience 

Embed the Configuration Wizard in your product or marketplace to enable quick integration activation, all in line with your brand look and feel. This tool guides users through each step of activation, from authentication to parameter selection. Deliver an activation process that’s both unique and effortless.

Capabilities - Activate - Configuration Wizard

Blend integrations with your company or product look and feel

Adding integrations to your product or marketplace doesn’t have to come with user experience compromises. Configuration Wizard is designed for transparent embedding and supports complete CSS control for custom styling and branding. With our APIs, gain full control and ensure your customers see a cohesive experience, with no gap between integration and product.

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Simple to manage your ecosystem integration lifecycle

Tray makes integration lifecycle management a cinch, from usage tracking and trend monitoring to customer updates. Leverage Tray Insights Hub for comprehensive visibility across your published integrations. Opt for automatic updates across your ecosystem, or prompt customers for re-authentication or additional parameters if needed when you upgrade your templates.

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