product can flexible and can handle complex workflows

Free your engineers to build a better product - not another integration

Deliver every integration that your sales team is asking for, without distracting your engineering team

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Product teams face spiraling customer, sales, and marketing demands to integrate with third-party applications. But, hand-coded integrations distract your engineering teams from building the next game-changing feature.

Tray Embedded is a complete cloud integration platform that empowers developers to build productized integrations in weeks, not months - all embedded in-app.

Tray Embedded has freed up our engineering resources to work on our core product while leveraging technology to provide customers the flexibility to integrate with their apps, opening the door to Copper’s next stage of growth as we move up-market.

Brett Schuenemann
Brett Schuenemann - Senior Director of Product Management
Copper trusts with their automation

Accelerate your integration roadmap 10X

With unlimited connectors for APIs, files, databases, apps, custom connectors, and advanced business logic, enable virtually any connectivity use case without needing engineering resources.

Exceed customer expectations for integrations

Tray Embedded's Configuration Wizard because it enables developers to provide a customized yet guided experience for customers to activate workflows in just a few clicks, in-app.

Built on an infinitely scalable platform

Benefit from an enterprise-ready serverless architecture. You will never have to worry about spikes in traffic impacting your user’s experience.Unlock Customer Data from Every Asset

automate your account -based lead enrichment with the tray platform


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