Elevate HR by automating processes across all your HR software

simplify your process with the tray platform

Scale your HR operations with a visual, intuitive, and fast HR process automation

Scale your HR operations with HR process automation that cuts the manual effort, elminates errors, and speeds employee onboarding, provisioning, status changes, and offboarding. The Tray Platform connects any HR SaaS software to any other apps for complete HR automation—so HR can focus on driving more strategic value.

Our visual workflow builder puts HR teams in control to enjoy end-to-end onboarding automation or removes manual work from any other employee or contingent worker process. Plug-and-play connectors quickly integrate applicant tracking systems (ATS), your core SaaS HR system, related HR software including benefits and payroll, and non-HR SaaS systems in finance, sales, and service.

Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work by reducing manual entry, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation.

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Scale your HR operations with employee onboarding automation

Speed employee onboarding and provisioning by connecting employee information from recruitment to your payroll, benefits, and other apps automatically and consistently. Flow data across each SaaS HR system, from initial resume submission to offer acceptance to onboarding to post-hire status. Automatically collect and validate data from employee information and elections forms, and even auto-create accounts in all your SaaS HR software.

Provision accounts across all HR software and apps, automatically

Automatically create employee accounts in all your apps, such as travel and expense, time entry, performance management, purchasing, LMS, employee portal, collaboration, and any other HR SaaS software and related apps from day one. Tray Platform workflows set up accounts using the latest data, require no data rekeying, and can be auto-triggered when employees officially join.

Bolster employee offboarding processes securely with HR automation

Ensure a thorough and secure offboarding process every time, with workflows that orchestrate every step, from de-provisioning across all your HR software and every other app, scheduling exit interviews, collecting survey feedback, streamlining equipment returns, processing org chart updates, emailing exit documentation, securely decommissioning app accounts, and even sending a personalized thank you letter.

Create a unique and engaging employee experience without manual effort

Turn your HR software and other apps into real levers for employee experience, with workflows that automatically announce new hires and employee anniversaries via email or collaboration tools, enable employees to instantly execute swag requests with just a web form, and even empower them to fulfill HR requests by connecting chatbots to HR process automation.

Save time by auto-syncing employee data across all your HR software

End the manual rekeying and eliminate data entry errors from employee changes. Automated workflows synchronize all standard and custom fields across any SaaS HR system and all your related HR SaaS apps. Make any data changes due to reorgs or personnel status changes, benefits elections, or payroll updates automatic, instant, and consistent everywhere.

Get intuitive, visual HR process automation that puts you in control

Our visual automation builder makes it simple for HR business partners, people ops, or business technologists to build any employee automation fast and collaboratively, with clicks-or-code. It’s simple to connect to all your HR SaaS software with our drag-and-drop builder that’s powerful enough to automate and maintain any HR process, from onboarding, offboarding, to employee status and benefits enrollment changes.