If there’s a data source, Tray can connect to it

Whether your systems are in the cloud or on-premise, it’s highly likely you can connect to them using Tray. Security teams can rest assured connections are managed securely and access is well governed.

Point, click, and connect

Connecting to your mission critical systems is as simple as dragging one of our hundreds of out of the box “service connectors” into your workflow and adding an authentication. Each service connector offers a variety of capabilities that help you to pull data from or push data to that system.

Popular Connectors

Google Drive
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Zendesk logo
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Capabilities - Connect - Point, click, and connect

General Connectivity

No connector? No problem

With Tray, there’s always a way to get the connection you need.
Even if your system is not listed in our connector library, we offer many other ways to easily connect.

Icon - API


  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • SOAP
Icon - Files


  • FTP
  • CSV
  • XLXS
  • XML
Icon - Database


  • MySQL
  • Redshift
  • Snowflake

DIY Service connectors

We even offer you the ability to make your own point and click service connectors that work just like the ones we offer out of the box.

Icon - Builder

Easy to use low-code connector builder

Icon - SDK

Create advanced custom connectors using SDK

On-premise Connectivity

With a variety of methods to work around firewalls, SSO providers, and other on-premise security protocols - connecting to your 1st party or 3rd party on-premise systems is possible with Tray.

Icon - VPN

Site-to-site VPN

Icon - VPC

VPC Peering

Icon - AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway

Icon - AWS PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink

Icon - Static IP

Shared Static IPs

Unsure about compatibility?

We’re here to help you determine if Tray is the right fit for your specific systems.

Securely manage authentications

Tray makes collecting and storing sensitive authentications a snap. All data is encrypted at rest and authentications can be easily partitioned into secure workspaces where role-based access control helps to further restrict access. We support a variety of authentication protocols and make it easy for you to set up yourself or remotely from your clients or co-workers.

Auth Protocols

  • OAuth
  • Token-based
  • Certificate-based
Secure Authentications