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Tray Academy is a hands-on learning experience equipping you with the skills to swiftly tackle your organization’s technical challenges using automation.

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Academy learning paths

Learn the basics of building on Tray in Tray Build Foundations. Advance your building skills in Tray Build Practitioner.


Tray Build Foundations

Dive into three courses designed to provide you with foundational platform knowledge so you can create and implement fundamental automations using

Estimated Time Commitment: 4-6 hours

  • Navigate and administer Tray Build within your organization

  • Understand workflow architecture and how to manipulate data retrieved from services across your tech stack

  • Test your workflows before promoting them to production, with access to additional resources to help you as you're building

Tray Build Practitioner

Advance your skills with two courses and builds on Tray Build Foundations, offering a more in-depth look at how to efficiently and effectively utilize at scale.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5-7 hours

  • Gain insights into how you can monitor production workflows for errors and handle them in real-time

  • Expand your knowledge of workflow architecture through detailed analysis of common building patterns across a variety of use cases

  • Know how to identify inefficient or misconfigured workflows and make optimization enhancements

  • Improve the way in which you transform and standardize data for downstream processing in your workflows

Why enroll in Tray Academy?

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Level-up your automation skills

Witness the power and flexibility of by learning at your own pace, while gaining the confidence to tackle any automation use case.

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Learn alongside other builders

Our Slack Community is at the heart of the learning experience so you can collaborate and learn from each other as you progress through the content.

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Show off your new credentials

Learn an in-demand skill and bolster your resume and LinkedIn profile with verifiable credentials from an industry-leading automation platform.

The Automation Advantage™

The importance of learning automation

In modern workplaces, software drives every role, with operational efficiency hinging on smooth software integration and the agility to evolve business processes. Yet many face a common hurdle: change is slow, and roadblocks are frequent, leading to frustration.

This is where automation comes in – it’s the essential skill for today’s leaders to streamline workflows and propel their teams forward. Embrace the chance to transform these obstacles into strengths for your organization and your career with our focused automation training.

We are here to help you get there.

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Tray Academy labs are fantastic - I learned so many helpful tips and tricks, and the experience was much better than video-only content!

Connor W.
Connor, Business Automation Specialist

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Tray Academy is a free learning program available to prospective users, current customers, and solution partners.

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