Tray Build

Automate more and integrate faster with low-code

Tray Build is a powerful, flexible, low-code, and AI-augmented automation builder that accelerates speed to market for business technologists and development teams.

Tray Build

Express integration and automation logic, visually

At the heart of Tray Build is the low-code Workflow Editor. Using a handy drag-and-drop interface, you can rapidly create a custom solution for your use case.

Hundreds of connectors at your fingertips

Tray Build makes it easy for you to get data from popular third-party services, like Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, or Snowflake. Connecting is as easy as dragging the connector onto the workflow builder and configuring a few settings.

Flexible automation for any use case

When it comes to enterprise integration and automation, flexibility is paramount. Tray Build comes with a vast library of utility connectors that accommodate your unique business logic and specific technical requirements.

  • Flexible business logic
  • Easy data mapping and transformation
  • Works with flat files (e.g., CSV, XML)

Build faster and better with Merlin AI

Create or enhance your workflows in rapid time using natural language with Merlin AI. Merlin augments your building experience, helping lay out your initial build, adding steps to your existing processes, and even making suggestions for improvements when troubleshooting.

Accelerate velocity with collaboration and composability

Tray Build enables full cross-team composability and reuse from granular snippets of business-logic to fully built out workflows in the form of reusable templates so teams can work together seamlessly. Reusing valuable business logic within and across teams drives speed and consistency into the automation process.

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Save and reuse workflow fragments or choose from our library

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Import a workflow template from our library or yours

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Callable Workflows

Modularize common workflows to be easily reused

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Build with confidence, powered by the Enterprise Core

The Enterprise Core brings together all of the capabilities enterprises need to govern, instrument, secure, manage, and elastically scale, such as workspaces, real-time logs, SSO and error handling.

This robust set of security and controls, as well as SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA certifications put central IT teams mind at ease as teams move to onboard their critical workflows to Tray.

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Brandon Ritz
Marketing Ops

"This is the most powerful and flexible integration platform out there. Any time you have a use case for multiple systems to talk to each other, Tray is ideal."

Brendon Ritz, Sr. Director of Marketing Operations