Expand your TAM—data and application integration power for your productThe smartest way for product teams to add app integration and workflow automation to their commercial products


Say goodbye to wasted development cycles building and maintaining hand-coded, brittle product integrations.

Tray Embedded Edition is visual, API first, and elastic. Create and deploy app and data integrations faster, seamlessly blended into your UX.

Built API-first to embed integration, seamlessly

Embed integrations fast with our Configuration Wizard iFrame, or use our GraphQL APIs for the most complete control. Built-in OAuth support quickly connects integrations to customer applications.

Deliver and maintain integrations faster and effortlessly

Energize developer velocity with a visual workflow builder to create reusable integrations. Unlimited connectors for APIs, JSON, files, databases, apps, custom connectors and developer-class logic enable countless use-cases.

Scale elastically with serverless architecture

Tray’s serverless architecture dynamically scales based on your usage—data, transactions, teams, analytics, alerting, authentications. Partner Dashboard provides centralized visibility into usage and performance.


1:1 With A Tray Product Expert

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