The platform turns your team into citizen automators

Innovate faster and smarter with a single general automation platform

Complete any initiative in any department with easy-to-use, flexible, powerful, and scalable integration

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

The business teams you work with want it all—more-connected and responsive customer and employee processes, data integrations for analytics, and process automation that works with the many cloud apps, databases, tools across every team in your company. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But it’s impossible to keep up with one-off integrations, hand-coding, or point connections. It’s why business technologists at enterprises and rapidly-growing work faster and smarter with the Tray Platform, the most flexible, scalable, and productive way to meet every integration or automation project.

The Tray Platform is powerful and flexible enough to rapidly manage huge amounts of data at enterprise scale.

Zack Blois - Jellyvision
Zack Blois - Senior Manager, Platforms and Automation
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Deliver on every initiative fast

Automate business processes for more-efficient sales and marketing operations, elevated customer experience, and speedier employee on-boarding. Connect, click, automate, and integrate any business technology.

Blow away your backlog with a high-velocity visual workflow builder

Rapidly create any automation or integration for any business operations need. Prototype and iterate in minutes with a drag-and-drop builder, and launch workflows from any application event, trigger, form, webhook, or API call, for totally responsive automation.

Confidently handle any requirement with flexible clicks-or-code development

Visually construct every trigger, loop, branch, nesting, and data mapping with a few clicks. Fast-track data-centric tasks with Helpers for any data type or transformation, and inject optional code into any step. Easily adjust it all on the fly, on-demand.

Collaboratively build with your teams in real time

Turn innovation for business systems into a team sport with your business teams. Instantly share workflows, build together in real time with our web-native designer, and use full debugging, version rollback, and change tracking to build with confidence.

Connect to any combination of apps, databases, tools in just a few clicks.

Utilize a comprehensive connector library for marketing, sales, service, finance apps, SQL/NoSQL, AWS, Azure, Big Data, and social, all accessible via plug-and-play for any cloud stack, and all included for use on day one. Use the super-flexible Universal Connector to integrate any REST API, and get new integrations faster with Connector Press.

Scale up with certainty with a unique serverless architecture

The Tray Platform is completely serverless by design to handle any volume spike. Scale from thousands of tasks to millions elastically―so your teams can always meet seasonal or unpredictable workloads without missing a beat.

The Tray Platform provides marketing teams with integration and automation solutions


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3 Keys for Scaling Modern Integration Demands

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