Take control of your processes

Boost your productivity, increase velocity, and take more control with Tray’s powerful, easy-to-manage automation. Quickly automate your marketing, sales, finance, services, HR, and IT processes across your stack. Tap into low-code business logic that’s uniquely flexible to automate any process, trigger automations on any event, and tackle the most complex processes using composable development

Your flexibility advantage to automate without limits

Tray gives you practically unlimited headroom to automate without painful workarounds. Create automations with any number of loops, multiway conditional branches, all visually. Use built-in low-code helpers to handle any data types and fields easily. Leverage powerful data storage and list helpers to work with data in your automations. Automatically handle any issue with error handling. Even optionally add JavaScript or Python to your processes.

Integrate - Power meets simplicity

Unlock incredibly responsive, event-based automation

Upgrade your organization to instantly respond to any business event, with native triggers for a massive number of apps, from Salesforce, Slack, to Shopify. Publish any Tray workflow as a webhook, and trigger it from any Webhook-enabled app in your stack. Trigger workflows from web forms, emails, or even automatically based on if another workflow fails.

Capabilities - Automate - Unlock incredibly responsive

Accelerate your automation journey with templates

Tap into Tray’s rich Template Library to automate the most popular projects and instantly deploy them directly into your Tray account with just a click. Tray Templates provide pre-built workflows to automate your lead lifecycle, order-to-cash process, employee onboarding and onboarding, IT provisioning, and customer renewals. Templates offer the perfect launchpad to customize to your needs.

Capabilities - Automate
Daniel Wynn from Peddle
User Provisioning

"With the Tray Platform, we can automate away the manual work–and mistakes–and let our teams focus on doing what they do best"

Daniel Wynn, Director of IT

Tackle automation as a team with composable development

Bring software development principles to your automation initiative to speed team development and reduce maintenance. Instantly create reusable maintainable building blocks to incorporate into any workflow, from granular snippets to entire callable workflows. Document your workflows and any workflow step to enable anyone to get up to speed quickly.

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