Hi, we’re Tray.io and we’re building something special, we’re building something people love. We’re building something limitless.

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Creativity is encouraged and collaboration is the norm; it sounds cheesy but I really love coming in on a Monday morning with a bunch of ideas and getting to work making them happen.

Bella Renney, Head of Product at Tray.io

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We don't just want Tray to be a fantastic place to work

We’re dedicated, service-driven, and committed to making this a phenomenal place for you to be from.

We’re ensuring every employee can write their own next chapter of growth on their own terms.

At Tray.io, everyone has the full support of their team to accomplish their goals and the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work. We work hard every day to help every individual realize their own personal and professional potential.

We’re building something that enables everyone to get above the cloud and do their best work.

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We’re working hard to go past dialogue on Diversity, working hard to reach beyond the moral imperative of building an Inclusive workplace. Our varied, valued, perspectives keep us curious, keep us learning and ultimately keep giving us a unique problem solving advantage in this rapidly growing space.

Michael Kieran, Head of Talent at Tray.io

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What are the beliefs that we hold and follow?

What are the decisions that we make independently that unite our thinking? What is the shared language of Tray.io, and how do we show our values through actions? We set out to answer these questions, and through that journey we developed what we hope are values and principles true to who we are.

  • The first Tray value: be curious.

    Be curious.

    Trayers are knowledge-hungry. Trayers know that through curiosity they gain the insight needed to elevate every experience, and ultimately make things better for the whole. They know that it’s okay not to know everything and that learning is an ongoing process.

  • Tray value: Be an active solution-seeker.

    Be an active solution-seeker.

    Trayers understand that the quality of the experience is paramount and that maintaining that quality takes doing, not just seeing. Trayers don't wait when they see a problem - they use their skills and resources to tackle it. Workflow broken? They can fix it. Identify a bug? Report and address it ASAP. Something spilled? Paper towels on deck.

  • Tray value: Be clear and honest.

    Be clear and honest.

    Trayers understand that success comes through clarity. They believe in simple, clear communication at all stages: s this too complicated? Am I making the point? They aim to make sure information is always inclusive, transparent, and available. Honesty is a part of who they are, and this ability to communicate openly is what sets them apart.

  • Tray value: Be empathetic and service-driven.

    Be empathetic and service-driven.

    Trayers understand that our service is our reputation, and they aim to strengthen that reputation through empathy at all stages. They support one another and go out of their way to help each other be successful. They understand that everyone adds value to an organization, and both appreciate and respect the different work styles of their teammates. Trayers can see that the more voices they have access to, the more equipped they are to succeed.

  • Tray value: Be the life of the party.

    Be the life of the party.

    Trayers have the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work, and that means that they’re always ready to have a good time. They understand that fun is an integral part of building relationships, and always look for ways they can make things more interesting for those around them. Trayers are smart, talented, fantastic people who also know how to have a good time. They know that in order to be at their best, sometimes they need some time to unwind. From Hawaii to a happy hour; barre classes to VR - Trayers always find the time to have fun and reset.

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Our team - We would not have been able to move forward as far and as quickly as we have without the help of some truly special people. It takes a team that’s smart, humble, and fiercely ambitious to build what we have, and we’re just getting started.

Rich Waldron, CEO at Tray.io

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Why Tray?

  • At Tray we work on a flexible schedule

    Flexible hours

    Our work hours are as flexible as the Tray.io Platform

  • At Tray you get to own your set-up

    Choose your own set up

    Choose your own equipment so you feel right at home

  • At Tray employees receive stock options

    Stock options

    Own part of the company and its future

  • Take-off for a holiday with open vacation at Tray

    Open vacation

    Being a global company means recognizing that holidays are personal

  • Social events at Tray are fun

    Social events

    Frisbee golf, meals out, hipster bowling…just a few of the outings that our team regularly enjoys

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