We’re building something different, something unique, something limitless. We’re building something special.

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Let's grow together

We’re dedicated, service-driven, and committed to making this a phenomenal place for you to be from.

At, you’ll have the full support of your team to accomplish your goals and the freedom and flexibility to choose how you work, so that you can write your own next chapter of growth with us.

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We don't just want Tray to be a fantastic place for you to work

We’re committed to making this a phenomenal place for you to be from.

You’ll work with a team that enables you to be fully authentic and at the same time be challenged to solve hard problems, and create meaningful impact.

You’ll be empowered to rise above the cloud and do your best work.

We would not have been able to move forward as far and as quickly as we have without the help of some truly special people. It takes a team that’s smart, humble, and fiercely ambitious to build what we have, and we’re just getting started.

Rich Waldron, Co-founder & CEO
Rich Waldron, CEO at

Our Values

Enjoy the ride

You can’t get it back. So, we seek meaning in all moments. Bumps, plateaus & unexpected turns are all part of the journey. But rather than getting knocked off balance, we use those moments to climb to new heights. How do we get there? Humor, empathy, and letting go of what we don’t need. 

Because to us, enjoying the ride means experiencing all of it. 


    Empower Others

    Empowerment is at the heart of all we do, from how we empower our teammates to how we empower our customers with technology.

    With customers and teammates alike, we play as a team, invest in each other & go above and beyond to lift others up.

      Blow the Bloody Doors Off

      We’re fueled by an unstoppable drive to build something legendary, together. 

      We dream big, champion bold ideas & relentlessly challenge the status quo. 

      We have the courage to embrace all moments -- the setbacks along with the wins. Because we don’t just want to win. We want to blow the bloody doors off.

        What is it like to work at Tray?

        We’re working hard to go past dialogue on Diversity, working hard to reach beyond the moral imperative of building an Inclusive workplace. Our varied, valued, perspectives keep us curious, keep us learning and ultimately keep giving us a unique problem solving advantage in this rapidly growing space.

        Michael Kieran, Head of Talent in Human Resources at
        Michael Kieran, VP, Talent & People at

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        • Customer Success - Customer Support Engineer

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        • Engineering - Senior Backend Engineer - Insights (Scala)

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        • Engineering - Senior Backend Engineer - Platform Services (Scala)

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        • Engineering - Sr. Cyber Security Engineer

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        • Sales - Vice President of Pre Sales Engineering

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