Lead Lifecycle Management

Fix your leaky funnel

Properly managing your leads is a complex and mission critical set of processes that require speed, flexibility, and reliability to operate effectively. RevOps teams have greater confidence no lead is left behind when they use Tray.io to manage their lead lifecycle.

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We got our lead response time down from 30 minutes to 10. The Tray Platform is powerful and flexible enough to rapidly manage huge amounts of data at enterprise scale.

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Strengthen your funnel

Operational issues in the lead lifecycle weigh down revenue performance and drive up sales & marketing costs. Empower your teams to integrate tooling and orchestrate processes in precisely the way you want them to work by following this 4-step process:

Easily capture

Leads come from a variety of sources which often change as marketers find new channels and platforms that fit their strategy – Tray provides instant flexibility and speed in how you ingest them. Ingest leads from any source, rapidly stand up new sources, quickly spot ingestion failures, and simplify self-service list uploads. Check out our vast library of new lead intake automation templates to get started.

Preemptively cleanse

The best way to prevent data quality issues is to do so before they’re written to a source of truth and sync’d across your systems. Whether it’s cutting out invalid emails, weeding out non-marketable prospects, or cleaning up bad data values – Tray makes it easy to cut these issues off preemptively. Tray provides centralized email validation so you can normalize data to acceptable values and filter out unmarketable leads.

Lead Lifecycle process

Fix your leaky funnel to reclaim 30% of lost revenue

IDC found it's common for companies to report up to a 30% loss of revenue due to lead funnel inefficiencies.

Watch this webinar where we discuss how to organize and accelerate your lead lifecycle, reducing time between lead capture and prospect engagement by 3x and more.

Consistently record

Assessing lead performance and enacting change requires the consistent capture of clean data in your source of truth system.

This is best accomplished with a service-oriented architecture where centralized processes that capture key data have a specific function (e.g., lead creation, campaign attribution) and are highly reusable. Quickly integrate other systems into your business processes, troubleshoot issues more easily by having fewer places to look, and rapidly deploy changes to business rules with Tray.

Orchestrate engagement

Prospects today expect prompt and personalized follow up. Delays or ill-informed communications here put friction in the buying journey that hurt your team’s chances at generating qualified leads.

A high performance revenue funnel means engaging based upon where they are in the journey and easily spotting bottlenecks in your process. Get faster, more reliable routing to sales, greater control over sales outreach process, and listen for and aggregate intent signals from multiple sources.

Learn more about our new lead intake automation templates, or get started with a free trial today.

Lead lifecycle sources and destinations

Why invest in lead lifecycle management?

B2B buyers expect a truly frictionless, B2C-like, buying experience in every SaaS evaluation.

78%of prospects buy from the company that responds first
20%sales increase from personalized campaigns