tray platform integration for embedded get you up and running fast

Marketers can now automate processes themselves, with clicks-or-code

Improve marketing efficiency and scale growth like never before.

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Integrate APIs, handle complex, multi-step workflows with drag-and-drop ease, and share deep data details across your marketing stack to deliver bullseye-targeted campaigns, every time.

The enterprise-ready Tray Platform works for marketing organizations of all sizes, across all channels. Grow your business fast with the Tray Platform.

The Tray Platform enables us to run smarter, more effective campaigns.

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David Dorman - Director of Marketing and Demand Generation
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Automate the flow of data across your marketing stack

Scale your growth by unlocking insights from your marketing metrics and guarantee consistent marketing data using clicks-or-code - automatically.

Maximize conversion metrics for every lead

Deliver the insights your sales team craves with enhanced lead enrichment, lead routing in real-time, and accurate lead to account matching.

Drive personalization at scale

Build a seamless customer journey at every stage with email personalization and account based marketing.

The Tray Platform provides marketing teams with integration and automation solutions


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