Marketing Metrics

Use automation to instantly make multi-program reporting available, shareable, and actionable


Unify marketing metrics from every channel and create integrated reporting for every campaign in a single place. Upgrade to truly data-driven marketing that incorporates social, paid search, SEO, video, mobile, display, and email marketing metrics.

Create a unified, holistic picture of marketing key metrics at a glance to intelligently maximize marketing ROI. Integrate any marketing metrics to track with the rest of your stack to pipe real-time, actionable updates to team chats. Layer on analytics to quickly share insights with the rest of your team.

One of the biggest challenges is providing a funnel that can scale at the same rate across all parts of the sales cycle. The beauty of the Tray Platform is that you can take data, transform it, load it exactly the way you want, and own that process.

Dan Ahmadi from Outreach
Dan Ahmadi, Director of Demand Generation
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Unify marketing metrics for all channels instantly

No more logging into a dozen different dashboards. No more manual spreadsheet work to connect all your data together. Automated workflows put all your marketing metrics across all programs in a single place. Create unified reporting and analytics for leads in all stages, and for any campaign- or channel-based source, including nurture, ABM, paid search, social, and display. All available on demand - whenever you need them.

Sync marketing metrics to your mission-critical apps

Directly integrate marketing data to analytics tools, data warehouse, or CRM. Set real-time or scheduled syncs to ensure all metrics are always up-to-date.

Create and tweak custom marketing metrics that integrate any part of your tech stack

Our flexible workflow editor is the fastest and easiest way to build out customized, comprehensive marketing metrics for your individual needs. Build a cloud data warehouse, integrate off-the-shelf analytics, and make any changes or tweaks to data sources, scheduling, or functionality whenever you need.

Layer business intelligence onto metrics to visualize and instantly share

Transform, cleanse, and enrich your data as needed, and load directly to downstream analytics and business intelligence apps to visualize your marketing metrics and quickly and easily share campaign performance.

Make your marketing metrics immediately actionable

Capture real marketing metrics ROI by integrating metrics to chat, email, and project management apps to instantly inform relevant teams of key milestones and metrics-related action items.

Build your custom marketing metrics yourself. No IT required.

No more filing helpdesk tickets. Use our drag-and-drop visual workflow builder to create powerful automated workflows that deliver unified marketing data from every channel, yourself. No dev resources needed.