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    Data-driven marketing: Be smarter with Segment and Marketo

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    Data-driven marketing: Be smarter with Segment and Marketo

    There is no such thing as too much data. In fact, teams increasingly collect all types of data to better engage users. The idea is simple: by collecting user data such as page views, site visits, clickthrough rates, event tracking, and other key events, marketing can better personalize content and more quickly identify sales-ready leads.

    To get the most out of marketing, teams collect as much data on users as possible to take action with targeted, relevant content.

    To create more sales opportunities, marketers increasingly use third-party platforms like Segment to collect, store, and route user information to hundreds of tools. Segment is tremendous at crunching all that lovely data collected on users and neatly sending it to the appropriate applications. With just a few clicks, Segment both collects customer data *and* sends it to the appropriate place. Pretty cool.

    While Segment offers many integrations, marketing teams increasingly use to get key user data from Segment back into Marketo. Clients like David Dorman, Director of Product Marketing at Digital Ocean, use to

    "easily and logically transform Segment’s firehose of data into a meaningful format Marketo can ingest" goes above and beyond Segment’s native integration with Marketo, offering a solution that allows marketers to run smarter and more effective campaigns. Our Segment-Marketo Solution allows you to do more with data:

    • Map Custom activities: specify your own data mapping, pulling Segment data into custom fields in Marketo

    • Greater Lead Accuracy: capture changes to email addresses immediately, auto-syncing email updates or changes to Marketo leads

    • Overcome API Limits: avoid API limits entirely by "batching” events together when sending data to Marketo

    We simply do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to integrations. Your business is unique and your applications should reflect that. With tray, you now get the value of Segment into Marketo with *zero* dedicated engineering resources. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, like hosting, maintenance, and API versioning, so you can focus on customers.

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