Universal Connector

SAP ERP integration + automation

Integrate SAP ERP with any SaaS application or service using the Tray Platform’s generic connectivity options, such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder. Configure them to connect to SAP ERP and any other API, database, webhook, and more.


SAP ERP integrations made easy

SAP ERP is an industry-leading ERP tool that enterprises use to manage their finances. Our SAP ERP connector makes it easy to integrate your financial data with any cloud service or data source. Business users can stand up custom integrations between SAP ERP and the rest of their tech stack in minutes, without IT support. Our low-code platform makes it simple to built any custom SAP ERP integration to sync mission-critical data on invoicing, payroll, or any other financial transactions.

The Tray Platform’s visual workflow builder makes it easy for technical business users and IT teams to create custom SAP ERP automation to flow finance data anywhere it needs to go.  Now, you can create custom SAP ERP integrations that unsilo your finance tech stack just by dragging and dropping together seamless API integrations in our visual builder.

We also offer a vast library of pre-built connectors, data helpers, and custom logic operators that enable you to build customized SAP ERP automation to fit your specific use case. Our customers use these tools to scale out their processes and get hyper-productive by building automated workflows that make their financial processes faster, more efficient, and error-free.

SAP ERP Connector Details

UsesFinance and Accounting, HR
CategoryERP Systems
Connector TypeUniversal Connector

Minor Configuration Required

There is currently no pre-built and ready to use SAP ERP connector available at the moment.

To get data in and out of SAP ERP, you will need to use one of our universal connectivity options such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder.

Tray.io gave us efficiency by facilitating automation and centralizing info, so we could scale more quickly and focus valuable resources on more-strategic tasks across finance, operations, marketing, and customer success. It also gave us greater visibility into our business.

Jonathan Tartell, CPA VP of Operations and Finance

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