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ServiceNow integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust ServiceNow connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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Business professionals that want to integrate ServiceNow with the software tools that they use every day love that the Tray Platform gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and configure flexible workflows with clicks-or-code.

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Marketing, Sales


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Tray Connector




Create incident, Create table record, Create user, Delete table record, Delete user, Get incident, Get instance URL, Get table record by ID, Get user by ID, Get user by usernameShow all


With the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to automate formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops processes with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources. Sean Passanisi - Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations

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ServiceNow integrations are easier than ever

Get even more from ServiceNow by using the Tray Platform’s ServiceNow connector, a flexible solution for building custom API integrations with your tech stack. Using the low-code Tray Platform, you can easily build out ServiceNow integrations to all the cloud services you use every day, just by dragging and dropping the applications together in our easy-to-use visual builder.

Many world-class IT and HR teams already use ServiceNow to power their internal helpdesk and other mission-critical processes. But what if you could integrate ServiceNow with your favorite tools to drive even greater efficiency and automate the manual work of updating data in other tools? 

With the ServiceNow connector for the Tray Platform, you can stand up custom integrations in minutes using a visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder, with no dev support required! Better still, the Tray Platform lets you create powerful automated processes that trigger actions based on incidents in ServiceNow, along with bi-directional syncs that update data and records between ServiceNow and the rest of your tech stack dynamically.

Get efficient with ServiceNow automation

Triggering actions from ServiceNow incidents in your project management tools, support platform, HR platform, internal alerting tools, or any other system has never been easier. With the Tray Platform, you can sync data bi-directionally to extend the capabilities of your ServiceNow workflows.  

Whether you work in IT, HR, customer support, or elsewhere, the Tray Platform can help you make the most of your ServiceNow workflows. You don’t need technical expertise to start building automated processes that increase productivity and efficiency. 

IT professionals use ServiceNow + the Tray Platform to tap into greater issue visibility and boost team productivity. Meanwhile, HR administrators use ServiceNow + the Tray Platform to improve employee experience and enable employees with the service they need to do their jobs more effectively. And customer support pros use the ServiceNow + the Tray Platform to resolve customer issues proactively and drive retention.

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Get more out of your ServiceNow workflows

While the Tray Platform offers an easy-to-use, low-code user experience, it also has the power to build out sophisticated workflows that incorporate ServiceNow with the rest of your tech stack to automatically orchestrate mission-critical processes. 

Design flexible processes to meet any use case with the ServiceNow connector for the Tray Platform. Improve internal process efficiency, tap into greater visibility, and retain more customers by supercharging your service workflows.

Pull incidents, create records, manage users, and execute other operations to reduce manual work and expand the scope of your ServiceNow instance. With ServiceNow + the Tray Platform, integrate data from any service or source with the power of general automation.

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Learn about our customers and how they use our easy drag-and-drop interface to build their dream automations.

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