ADP Workforce Now integration + automation

ADP Workforce Now integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust ADP Workforce Now connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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A versatile ADP Workforce Now connector

Integrate ADP Workforce Now with the rest of your tech stack using the low-code Tray Platform, an all-in-one solution for connecting your favorite services and building out powerful automated processes that’s user-friendly enough for any business user. Industry leaders and fast-growing startups alike trust the Tray Platform to make the most of their HR system of record, without the need for IT support.

Quickly stand up custom integrations with any service or data source. Seamlessly flow HR data throughout your tech stack to satisfy any use case, without needing developers. Start building integrations today with a visual, drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use. Harness the power of low-code automation to easily connect to the ADP Workforce Now API. 

Access an ever-growing library of pre-built connectors, data helpers, and logic operators to create custom solutions tailored to your exact business needs. Integrate and automate data in ADP Workforce Now to improve efficiency and increase productivity in your team. Supercharge existing HR processes, from onboarding to provisioning to offboarding and much more.  

ADP Workforce Now Connector Details

CategoryHuman Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
Connector TypeTray Connector
Get workerRaw HTTP request (advanced)List workers
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Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work by reducing manual entry, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation.

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