Autopilot integration + automation

Autopilot integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Autopilot connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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Low-code Autopilot integrations

Take your campaigns to the next level with custom Autopilot integrations on the low-code Tray Platform. Business users love using our 100% visual interface to stand up powerful integrations that connect any data source and any cloud software, without needing IT support.

Our intuitive builder gives you the power to drag and drop together custom integrations that connect any data source, including FTP, email, webhooks, flat files such as CSVs, and any other cloud application, even using data within custom fields. Using our Autopilot connector, you can seamlessly sync data for leads, contacts, accounts, email lists, campaigns, and more with every other tool in your stack.

Plus, you can use the Tray Platform to build custom Autopilot automation that amplifies the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Instead of worrying about time-consuming manual tasks, now you can focus on more-strategic work such as driving higher engagement and more conversions.

Autopilot Connector Details

CategoryMarketing Automation Platform (MAP)
Connector TypeTray Connector
Add/update contactRaw HTTP request (advanced)

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

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