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Plus, our upgraded connector builder delivers easy-to-use lifecycle management for low-code connector development

Stack complexity is at an all-time high with the average organization using hundreds of applications. The need for flexible connectivity and quick time-to-value has businesses exploring low-code automation platforms to sync mission-critical data across applications without sacrificing developer resources.

With our latest enhancements, business teams can extend their automation reach, achieving more with ready-made templates, new connectors, and an upgraded connector builder delivering complete connector lifecycle management. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

Order-to-Cash templates boost productivity for finance teams

In today’s shaky economic environment, cash is king. Businesses must focus on getting revenue in as quickly and accurately as possible. For those in sales operations or revenue operations, that means having a frictionless order-to-cash process. 

That’s why we’ve added two new O2C templates to the Tray Platform available for all users. With these customizable templates, sales and revenue teams can drastically reduce their manual order entry process and achieve more efficient processing, a faster cycle time, and better accuracy.

O2C Template: Create Quickbooks invoice when Salesforce opp is "Closed Won"

What it does: When an opportunity is marked as “Closed - Won” in Salesforce, an invoice will automatically be created within Quickbooks Online

Order-to-Cash template workflow #1

The workflow for the Salesforce to Quickbooks order-to-cash template

To learn more about this template and get started using it, check out the documentation.

O2C Template: Create Netsuite Sales Order when Salesforce opp is "Closed Won"

What it does: When an opportunity is marked “Closed Won’ in Salesforce, it automatically checks for an existing Netsuite Customer record. If none, a new one is created and a Sales Order is generated.

order to cash template workflow 2

The workflow for the Salesforce to Netsuite order-to-cash template

To learn more about this template and get started using it, check out the documentation.

Employee onboarding template saves HR teams hours of manual work

Over the past few years, the way people work has drastically changed causing new challenges for HR teams. In fact, 41% of HR professionals cite employee onboarding as their biggest challenge. When a new employee is hired, various teams must be notified, and the details about departments, their title, who this person was referred by, and more all need to be registered somewhere. 

To help HR teams reduce the amount of manual work related to onboarding new employees, we’re offering a new employee onboarding template available to all Tray users. 

Employee onboarding template: Create new hire in Bamboo when 'hired' in Greenhouse

What it does: Automatically set up new hires within BambooHR – a cloud-based human resources (HR) software service for small and mid-size businesses. once they have been classified as 'Hired' within Greenhouse – a popular recruiting solution. Then alert the rest of the team on Slack.

employee onboarding template workflow

The workflow for the Greenhouse to BambooHR to Slack employee onboarding template.

To learn more about this template and get started using it, check out the documentation.

Stedi enables Tray to meet EDI integration requirements

Stedi provides an API for building EDI integrations that helps organizations to connect with their suppliers in a frictionless manner. An EDI integration is similar to an API integration in that it allows two systems to exchange data with one another. X12 EDI is the data format that all retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, and their suppliers use to conduct business, communicate, and exchange purchase orders, shipping notifications, and goods received.

stedi tray edi integration

With Stedi, Tray users can easily translate EDI messaging into JSON for better accessibility.

With Stedi, Tray users can convert incoming or outgoing EDI messaging to and from JSON – and use Tray’s modern low-code automation to orchestrate it all.

Connector Builder: Low-Code Lifecycle Management

While businesses using Tray have multiple ways to connect different data sources, we understand that teams often face demand for additional connectivity with custom functionality and endpoints to fit your specific needs such as integrating with homegrown apps. That’s why we introduced Connector Builder– a guided, visual experience to create, test, and publish your own custom service connectors. 

Now we’ve taken Connector Builder to the next level. With our new rapid publishing, it only takes one minute to publish a new connector. Additionally, we’ve added support for change management. Now teams can add, update, or delete custom connector operations, as well as publish new versions to avoid breaking old workflows.

connector builder lifecycle management

With rapid publishing and change management, teams now have full lifecycle management for custom connectors.

Tray.io is the only solution to provide full lifecycle low-code connector management. With these updates, our Connector Builder…

  • Eliminates the need to recreate a new connector when endpoints change or new operations are required

  • Enables builders to continually improve their homegrown connectors to meet requirements

  • Delivers a low-code guided process with built-in versioning.

  • Eliminates the need to use legacy Connector SDKs

Check out our documentation for more information. 

To learn more about Tray.io and how you can automate your business by rapidly integrating your tech stack, join our monthly demo.

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