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    Adam White

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    The “Grammys for Product Managers” recognizes the top digital products for product teams.

    The good news keeps rolling in! Coming off the heels of our recent $40M funding, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that has won another Proddy Award!

    Curated by Product School, the Proddys are the “Grammys for Product Managers” and recognize best-in-class digital products that deliver the most value for product teams across several disciplines. won best product in the Integrations category. 

    Of the award,’s Head of Product Bella Renney said…

    “Product teams are under a lot of pressure to deliver a best-in-class product while simultaneously fulfilling demands for integrations. At, our mission is to simplify API integration for everyone so engineers can remain focused on their core product. I am hugely proud of our incredible team and customers who have been integral to how we build product at”

    For product teams, delivering integrations can be a real drain on valuable engineering resources. Over the past few years, the proliferation of SaaS applications has significantly increased the demand for out-of-the-box connectivity across applications. Product teams are constantly sidetracked by customer demands for integrations and consequently can’t focus on driving innovation for their core solutions. 

    Tray Embedded simplifies API integration by letting product teams rapidly build, test, and deploy integrations at scale without ever needing to lean on engineering resources. Through a low-code visual builder, product teams can accelerate their integration roadmap while continuing to build a best-in-class product.

    See the full list of winners here.

    If your team is interested in how can 10x your integration delivery, check out our monthly demo of Tray Embedded.

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