End manual work and automate your way to cash faster


Tray launches four templates to remove manual finance work and automate order-to-cash

Grow your business fast with the Tray Platform

Quote-to-cash (Q2C) is a time consuming process that is comprised of all the steps that must happen from when an order is initiated to when a payment is applied to accounts receivable (AR). Through every step of the way, finance teams are stuck with a variety of time consuming and painful challenges, including manual order entry, remediating errors, and working overtime to chase down delayed payments.

Automate the entire quote-to-cash process from lead, to closed won opportunity, to invoicing, payments, reconciliation and collections, and even renewals. Integrate the apps you already use to make the quote-to-cash process faster, more efficient, and flawlessly accurate so you can free up your finance team to focus on other high priority initiatives.

Automation has fundamentally changed our approach to building processes. So far, we have yet to find something that the Tray Platform can’t do.

Kara Barcelon from Mixpanel
Kara Barcelon, Controller

Eliminate manual processes and risk of errors

The quote-to-cash process is filled with manual processes from both the finance and sales team, which leads to wasted time and the possibility of errors that pose a risk to your organization. The Tray Platform enables you to build flexible workflows with powerful conditionals, branching and looping to automatically handle the complexity of automating invoicing and contracts so your teams are not stuck with manual work.

Improve cash flow

Complete the full quote-to-cash process in record time by automating data flows across every part of your stack: Web, payments, CPQ, CRM’s like Salesforce, and accounting/ERP tools such as NetSuite. Your team now has the capability to collect revenue more efficiently, simplifying AR and boosting cashflow month over month and quarter over quarter.

Provide a frictionless customer experience

Ensure you can get approvals for competitive deal cycles quickly, and once deals are closed, manage inventory correctly so customers can immediately get access to your product or service. Use Tray to automate the sales approvals, inventory and provisioning process so you can give your customers a frictionless end to end experience.

Maximize every upsell opportunity

After your quote-to-cash process is complete, there is a big opportunity to upsell. But it’s easy to miss prime opportunities if your quote-to-cash process is largely manual. Use the Tray Platform to build automated workflows that alert sales to upsell opportunities during the quote process, flag the right fields in your CRM, or simply add relevant expansion language to quotes, so your team maximizes every order.