simplify your process with the tray platform

Drive more revenue, faster with quote to cash process automation

Convert deals to revenue faster and free up your team to sell with visual workflows

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Automate the entire quote to cash (Q2C) process from quote to order (Q2O), configure-price-quote (CPQ), order to cash (O2C), fulfillment, account provisioning, new customer onboarding, and even renewals. Integrate the sales operations apps you already use to make the quote to cash process faster, more efficient, and flawlessly accurate. No manual errors.

Visually create drag-and-drop workflows that automate every step. Immediately generate quotes that are always based on the latest data and rules. Turn them into sales orders instantly, without manual effort. Keep all customer, contract, and pricing data in sync across your tech stack to accelerate the Q2C process and convert closed-won deals to revenue faster.

We have faster response in terms of transactions hitting our system, we saw hard ROI off the bat, and freed up the sales team to actually sell. Huge wins across the board.

Sean Passanisi - Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations

Expedite your quote to cash process

Complete the full quote to cash process in record time by automating data flows across every part of your stack: Web, payments, CPQ, CRM, and accounting/ERP—for a fast, lights-out opportunity to order (O2O) management process.

Free your team to focus on selling

Drastically shorten quote creation time and eliminate manual order entry. The Tray Platform enables you to build flexible automated workflows with powerful conditionals, branching and looping to automatically handle the complexity of invoicing and contracts so your sales team can focus exclusively on deals.

Instantly synchronize contracts, pricing, and customer data

The Tray Platform makes it easy to visually connect, validate, map, and convert any record, object, standard or custom field between any app, using real-time or scheduled workflows—including Salesforce quote to cash data, CPQ records, and payment processing. Keep all your Q2C data across any app up-to-date to ensure every deal, contract, and invoice gets processed rapidly.

Rapidly create accurate quotes with no manual effort

Stop wasting time on manual quote creation in spreadsheets. Build workflows that automatically connect to your prospect, customer, pricing, and renewals data across every app in your revenue stack. Apply any custom quote logic to rapidly generate the perfect quote every time.

Maximize every upsell opportunity

What is quote to cash? It’s a big opportunity to upsell. But it’s easy to miss prime opportunities if your quote to cash process is largely manual. Use the Tray Platform to build automated workflows that alert sales to upsell opportunities during the quote process, flag the right fields in your CRM, or simply add relevant expansion language to quotes, so your team maximizes every order.

Build an end-to-end quote to cash process yourself

The Tray Platform offers an easy-to-use visual builder that lets sales operations professionals drag and drop their way to an error-free, completely automated, and instantaneous quote to cash process. Connect any CRM, CPQ, ERP, and payment processing solutions to seamlessly flow sales data from initial quote stages on through fulfillment and expansion yourself. No dev resources required.


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