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The Tray Platform is more than a sales automation tool - it connects all your apps and enables you to create any workflow, fast and visually. Whether handling early-stage lead-to-opportunity tasks to manage leads across key customer journey touchpoints, or order-to-cash tasks such as routing leads, quotes, sales orders, or payment processing/billing, the Tray Platform syncs vital prospect and customer data between your apps and integrates data for consolidated sales reports.

Clicks-or-code sales process workflow construction puts the power in the hands of sales operations―to automate, standardize, and easily orchestrate every sales ops task, including onboarding, deal comms, approvals, upsell/cross-sell alerts, lead scoring, new content communication, and much more. Create an automated deal desk that puts time-consuming sales processes on auto-pilot while you focus on higher-level strategy and empowering your sales team to sell more.

The Tray Platform allows us to integrate two very important systems and achieve seamless and efficient workflows. We have also been impressed by how flexible and customer-centric the Tray team is. We’re glad to have a partner that is not only reliable but also easy to work with.

Vice President, Business Systems

Become a strategic sales leader with automation

Your sales teams don’t just need a sales workflow solution manager to manage up-to-the-minute sales processes such as sending invoices, tracking payments, or starting fulfillment. They also need a leader who can forecast sales targets accurately using automation to track projected revenue versus churn, scale sales teams across multiple product lines and territories, and automate tedious data entry tasks to ensure that sellers focus 100% on selling.

One sales workflow solution for literally any sales process

Automate any process, such as lead routing, trial conversion alerts, and sales reminders, visually to make the marketing-sales lead handoff easy. The Tray Platform also automates opportunity-to-cash processes to streamline closing with deal approval routing, new sales onboarding setup, and even sales win communication. Instantly connect all your apps and databases—across web, sales, marketing, service, or finance to boost sales results with sales process automation.

The easiest, most flexible sales process automation solution

Turn any idea for a new sales process workflow into reality at lightning speed with the industry’s most flexible platform for sales automation. Make opportunity management instantaneous by automating opportunity stage checks, updates, and alerts for your entire team. Automatically loop through opportunities, branch based on territories or account type, or any other field or object. Cleanse, standardize, and replace data, including incomplete or inconsistent fields. Design, collaborate, and build your workflow individually or as a team with an incredibly intuitive, flowchart-like experience.

Sync and integrate all your sales automation data, across any app

Easily drag, drop, map, and sync prospects, customers, opportunities, territory changes, salespeople, and standard or custom fields across any and every app. No spreadsheets, no copy-pasting, and no brittle one-off integrations between sales automation tools you have to maintain. Auto-integrate any data―bookings, forecasts, comp, renewals, upsell/cross-sell from all your apps to drive real, hands-free sales reporting. Put your entire team on the same page by automating deal desk processes such as approvals, pricing, and centralizing documentation.

Automate the quote-to-cash cycle

Stop trudging through manual finance processes. Automate the full quote-to-cash cycle by integrating CRM, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), ERP, and e-signature solutions to make end-to-end revenue recognition simple and quick. Cut out the paperwork and meetings by spinning up automated workflows that flow data between each of your Q2C apps, whenever you need.

Make the handoff to customer support a breeze

When a sales deal closes, a sales operations pro’s job is just getting started. Automate the handoff process by seamlessly connecting CRM to CPQ to helpdesk solutions. Remove the painful, time-consuming manual work of processing different success plan tiers, SLAs and other contract processing, customer onboarding, and even product training tasks. Speed up the onboarding process by centralizing and socializing all pre-sales intel for fewer kickoff meetings, higher engagement, and better time-to-value.

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