Automate manual tasks to streamline sales and close more deals faster

The Tray Platform streams buying signals and sales updates directly to sales reps’ fingertips

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We have faster response in terms of transactions hitting our system, we saw hard ROI off the bat, and freed up the sales team to actually sell. Huge wins across the board.

Sean Passanisi - Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations

Deliver a winning message

Use every datapoint to understand your prospect

Enrich every lead using all data available—from any source, anywhere—about a prospect, including: account level, demographic, and behavior data and put the powerful Tray Platform to work for you.

Deliver a modern customer experience

Provide visibility and lead time to key contributors for RFP responses, streamline your sales processes, and automate your renewal processes.

Automate reporting and data accuracy from every source

Instantly provide accurate sales metrics to your entire field without any manual effort. Learn how an enterprise software leader reduced their reporting window from 8 hours to 5 minutes.

Hit your target with the platform

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