Udemy customer success story using the Tray automation platform

Udemy streamlines self-service to enterprise sales process

Integrates Stripe and Salesforce to eliminate manual inefficiencies, rapidly process enterprise contracts, and drive upsells

The Tray Platform allows us to integrate two very important systems and achieve seamless and efficient workflows. We have also been impressed by how flexible and customer-centric the Tray team is. We’re glad to have a partner that is not only reliable but also easy to work with.

Amrith Nambiar - Vice President, Business Systems at Udemy
Amrith Nambiar - Vice President, Business Systems


  • Integrates Stripe, Salesforce, and Salesforce CPQ (formerly known as Steelbrick) to fully automate enterprise self-service contract processing

  • Relieves manual data entry on enterprise self-service contracts in Salesforce CPQ

  • Closes internal tech stack gap that saves time and money

  • Provides opportunities for future ERP improvements for Netsuite


  • Education


  • San Francisco, CA


  • 700+


  • Tray Platform

Udemy for Business is powered by Udemy, the largest learning marketplace in the world.

The business product offers more than 3,500 of Udemy’s highest-rated courses across business and technical skills, in a subscription package. The courses span major categories including leadership and management, cloud computing, marketing, sales, IT operations, development, and more. Organizations can also create and distribute their own proprietary content on the platform and view analytics to track learning activity.

Any expert can create a course and share their knowledge on Udemy. Today, thousands of instructors teach over 150,000 courses. Udemy’s network of experts around the world ensures that it always has the freshest content on the most in-demand skills employees need to be productive and become stronger leaders and collaborators.

Leading organizations including Lyft, Booking.com, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz and HSBC, among others, choose Udemy for Business to upskill their workforce and drive learning forward. Udemy for Business sells to medium and large organizations through a typical enterprise sales process. To handle demand efficiently, the company also set up a self-service system that permits smaller teams to purchase licenses without engaging sales.

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Udemy Case Study


Improve enterprise contract process

Like other rapidly growing companies, Udemy faced challenges getting its systems to scale. The enterprise self-service platform, which handles credit card purchases through  payment processing solution Stripe, had to be integrated with Salesforce CPQ  to eliminate manual management of contracts and pricing.

In addition, important features in Salesforce CPQ, such as the ability to amend or update contacts, weren’t available via its API - the interface that software applications such as Salesforce and Stripe use to connect to each other to enact joint functionality. This meant that updating contracts after the fact required even more manual work.


The Tray Platform syncs Stripe to Salesforce CPQ

To optimize the workflow, Udemy looked for integration solutions to connect contract information between Stripe and Salesforce. Udemy’s initial search turned up alternatives that ultimately didn’t work for the education leader for a variety of reasons.

Finally, Udemy discovered the Tray Platform, a SOC2-certified solution that offered all the integration and automation functionality the company needed, with an easy-to-use visual editor that would let Udemy’s team build whatever processes they wanted, without the need for expensive development resources.

Use case

Automate enterprise self-serve payment + contract processing

Partnering with Tray’s customer success team, the Udemy team was able to get a working prototype of a workflow between Stripe and Salesforce CPQ within only a few hours.

The Tray Platform is built on serverless, API-first architecture that connects to the deepest levels of cloud-based applications like Stripe and Salesforce. Using the platform, the Udemy team was able to integrate Stripe’s payment processing features to Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ to connect initial credit card swipes to the rest of its account infrastructure. Udemy has a highly customized instance of Salesforce that integrates Salesforce CPQ for pricing and contract processing. By using the Tray Platform, the company was also able to connect payment data to contract information to Salesforce account listings, even directly incorporating contact info updates within Salesforce CPQ.


Increased user engagement and significantly improved efficiency

With successful Stripe-to-Salesforce-CPQ integration for self-serve enterprise contracts in place, the Udemy team saw direct improvements to their daily work, as well as to the company’s bottom line. Previously, the company was entering enterprise contact info manually which clearly wasn’t a good use of their resources.

With the new process in place, Udemy realized monetary savings, time savings of 20-25 hours per month and increased efficiency due to a seamless, automated process. Ultimately, the Tray Platform empowered Udemy to bring self-service sales to enterprise as an efficient, automated process, without engineering resources.”

Next Steps

Integrating and automating ERP

Udemy is already investigating the Tray Platform to integrate its Salesforce instances with the popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Netsuite to handle its internal finance and budgeting processes.

Now aware of the potential to close more efficiency gaps, Udemy is actively investigating ways to automate more of its tech stack across the organization.

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