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We built an entirely new automation platform, starting with trust.

We take data security very seriously. We provide a multi-step, multi-level security system with complete transparency so you not only feel safe, you can see how safe your data is, anytime.

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Tray offers system status tools for you to access whenever you need them

System Status

Get full transparency with a real-time and historical performance view of all technical components of the Tray Platform. You can even subscribe to updates.

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We take maximum precaution, so your data remains safe. Businesses trust to safeguard their data and processes.

  • Tray encrypts all sensitive data


    We encrypt all our data, authentication and tokens. More details are available in this in-depth article on security at

  • All communications between your browser and Tray are secure

    Network security

    All communications between your browser and’s website are encrypted via HTTPS.

  • Tray's log retention is flexible and designed to fit your requirements

    Log data retention

    The Tray Platform offers flexible log data retention policies designed to fit your requirements.

  • The data on Tray servers is private

    Data residency options

    Data stored and processed in isolated US, EU or APAC regions.

  • Tray's platform allows for session management and complete access control

    Session management

    Monitor sessions by IP address, location, time, browser and operating system and revoke access to prevent unauthorized access to your Tray Platform account.

  • The Tray platform hosts two factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication

    Add a second layer of security to protect fraudulent access to your Tray Platform account. Read our blog to learn more about it.

  • Tray's platform offers password prompting

    Password prompting

    Any major account action will prompt a user to re-enter her password.

  • Tray's platform offers behavior modeling

    Behavior modeling

    To detect unusual or suspicious activity on a user's account we use technology to build intelligent models of user behavior. 

Tray's platform is secure

Compliance strives to gain and retain the trust of our customers. Providing a comprehensive compliance program with certifications and attestations is integral to this mission.


SOC 2 Type 2 is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, which means that the design and operating effectiveness of our security controls are always under audit. engages in annual SOC 2 audits that are conducted by an independent, third-party auditing firm. See our Security Policies for more information.

List handling

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) employs privacy and information security controls to meet the requirements of data protection regulations like the GDPR and offers data residency options in the US, EU and APAC. See our Data Protection Commitment for more information.

Control permissions

HIPAA compliant is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations in handling ePHI (electronic protected health information). We employ data minimization practices to ensure full data security. We've passed an independent, third-party HIPAA audit and are happy to sign BAAs (business associate agreements) as needed.


CCPA Compliant is compliant with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations, which went into effect January 1st, 2020. CCPA applies to California residents and is enforceable for any company with revenues larger than $25 million and has more than 50,000 people or devices in their database. Please contact us to have an in-depth conversation about’s approach to CCPA and Trust.

security on the Tray Platform

Penetration testing

The Tray Platform undergoes regular penetration testing by independent third parties to ensure that our platform is secure. See our Security Policies for more information.

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Because our customers depend on the Tray Platform for mission-critical workflow, we invest in ensuring high availability of our systems.

Tray offers around the clock support

On-call policy

We have an around-the-clock support network of engineers who work very hard to keep the Tray Platform running all of the time.  We have an on-call policy for our engineers to be available just in case. 

Tray performs automatic back-ups

Data backup

The Tray Platform has built-in automatic back-ups.

Tray infrastructure to replicated and back-ups regularly

Infrastructure backup

All Tray Platform infrastructure is replicated and backed up.

Tray stores snapshots of workflow data

Workflow backup

The Tray Platform stores snapshots of our customers’ business logic so we can revert them if necessary.


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