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Within any workspace in your Tray organization, you can create 'projects'.

This means you can create:

  • Personal workspace projects (accessible only by you)

  • Organization workspace projects (accessible by the entire organization)

  • Custom workspace projects (accessible only by the members of that workspace)

The following diagram shows how you can structure projects within custom workspaces:


When to use projects

Projects can be used to group together workflows which work together to fulfil a particular goal - e.g. create a project for a specific data syncing operation between e.g. Hubspot and Salesloft:


Or you might create projects for callable workflows which any other workflow can call upon for e.g. repeatable data processing tasks:


Notes on using projects

  • A workflow can only be added to one project

  • A callable workflow within a project can be called by a workflow from another project within the same workspace

  • Projects can be exported for e.g. import into a production workspace

  • Project config can be used to store common variables between workflows and so negates the need for an alternative approach such as account-level data storage. This can be done for variable such as:

    • group emails

    • group IDs

    • base URLs (fantastic for switching between environments and reducing error!)

Version control / env promotion

Projects can facilitate version control and environment promotion.

As per the above diagram, you can export a project from e.g. your Marketing (dev/sandbox) workspace and then import it into your Marketing (prod/live) sandbox

Adding projects

When you have multiple projects within your workspace, they are available for searching, tagging and filtering:


When a workspace is first created, however, your projects list will be empty.

When you click to add a project:


You have two ways of doing so:

Adding workflows to your projects

When you click to add a workflow:


You have 3 ways of doing so:

Adding project config

When you are in a project, at any time you can go to the project settings and create project config values.

These are common values which can be shared between all workflows in a project - e.g. common email addresses, or service IDs