Standard/Best Practices
Use Cases
Connecting to on-prem systems

Regional hosting

Regional hosting in Tray is available for the following packages:

  • Team (optional add-on per region)

  • Enterprise - all regions available as standard

A Tray instance can be hosted in one of the following Data Regions:

  • US (AWS-West)

  • EU (AWS-Ireland)

  • APAC (AWS-Sydney)

This can help ensure that business data will never leave the region that it originated in, and compliance with data regulations according to your region.

Accessing multiple orgs in one region

A Tray User can access one Organization in a given region per unique email address.

If you need to access another Org (e.g. a client you are working as an integration consultant for) in the same region, you can be added to their org by using a + modifier.

e.g. if you already have a login for and you are working as a consultant for a client you could use

Multi-region setup

Depending on your package and use case, you can have Tray instances in multiple regions, for example when:

  • You are a multi-national company and your staff need to login to an instance which is hosted in the same region they work in

  • You have built Embedded integrations which End Users configure for their own use, and your End Users will be in multiple regions, then you can deploy a Tray instance in each region which contains the same projects and solutions

API customers

When making use of any of our APIs as documented in our Developer portal the base url will change depending on region:

  • US<version>/<resource>

  • EU<version>/<resource>

  • APAC<version>/<resource>

Embedded integrations

When making use of our Embedded API to allow End Users to activate integrations, the base url will change depending on your region:

  • US

  • EU

  • APAC

And the base url for the Config wizard which enables your End Users to personalize their integrations will vary per region:

  • US

  • EU

  • APAC

As will the base url for the Auth-only dialog