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Your Tray organization

Beyond building workflows, it is important to know how to manage and structure all your information in Tray:


The above screenshot gives you a quick overview of how Tray works in terms of:

1 - Your organization

Your organization contains all of your workspaces:


You can also invite and manage people, create workspaces and manage your billing.

Please see our Organization docs for all the specifics on managing your org.

2 - Workspaces

At any time you can switch between workspaces, which are used to divide up your org as needed - e.g. by 'Sales', 'Marketing' 'HR' etc.

For each Workspace, you can choose exactly who is included and allowed to contribute.

By default there is an 'Organization' workspace, and every individual has a 'Personal' workspace.


Please see our Workspaces docs for more details on setup considerations.

3 - Projects

Within any workspace, you can create 'Projects'.

Projects can be used to group together workflows which work together to fulfil a particular goal - e.g. create a project for a specific data syncing operation between e.g. Hubspot and Salesloft.


Or you might create projects for callable workflows which any other workflow can call upon for e.g. repeatable data processing tasks:


Please see our Projects docs for more information on setup considerations.