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Integrate Autodesk with any SaaS application or service using the Tray Platform’s generic connectivity options, such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder. Configure them to connect to Autodesk and any other API, database, webhook, and more.

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Autodesk integrations for any business user

Take your designs to market faster with Autodesk integrations. With the low-code Tray Platform, you can build custom integrations that connect any application across your entire tech stack without the need for IT support.

To expedite your product design processes, you’ll need more than an Autodesk connector. Our visual, drag-and-drop builder gives you the power to stand up API-level integrations in minutes. We give you the power to bi-directionally sync Autodesk with any data source, such as FTP, email, webhooks, flat files (such as CSVs), and any cloud app, even using data within custom fields.

Integrations aren’t the only thing you can create with the Tray Platform. Our platform also empowers you to build customized Autodesk automation. Now you can build automated workflows to optimize your team’s design process and ship new products faster.

Autodesk Connector Details

UsesProduct, All
Connector TypeUniversal Connector

Minor Configuration Required

There is currently no pre-built and ready to use Autodesk connector available at the moment.

To get data in and out of Autodesk, you will need to use one of our universal connectivity options such as the HTTP Client, Webhook Trigger, and our Connector Builder.

Tray Embedded has freed up our engineering resources to work on our core product while leveraging technology to provide customers the flexibility to integrate with their apps, opening the door to Copper’s next stage of growth as we move up-market.

Brett Schuenemann
Brett Schuenemann, Senior Director of Product Management

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