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Peter Zavlaris

Peter Zavlaris

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

We’re announcing new offers and pricing for software companies of all sizes. Learn more about our new startup pricing, professional services offering, and more.

Announcing new startup edition and professional services

Recently, we re-launched Tray Embedded, a solution tailor-made to help you deliver customer integrations faster, improve time-to-value, and drive retention in this increasingly challenging economy. Software companies of all sizes can benefit from limitless customer integrations, which is why we’re announcing a new startup edition to help early-stage organizations differentiate from the competition and build the foundation for unparalleled customer experience.

Additionally, we're introducing our professional services offering to help fast-growing organizations get their integrations to market faster without tying up developer resources. You’ll find details on these offerings, plus more information on our Tray Embedded Native and Tray Embedded Integration Manager products on our new pricing page.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.26.48 PM Check out our new pricing page for Tray Embedded.

Maximize the ROI of your customer integrations

We want to partner with you to maximize the ROI of your integrations, which is why our pricing is pay-per-use. Rather than dubious agreements with per-task or API call charges, you’ll pay a flat platform fee, cost per integration, and a cost per customer, and that’s it! We’ve designed our pricing to be straightforward to make budgeting projections easy.

How startups win the integration game

Startups that bake customer integrations into their offering at an early stage have a competitive advantage: They can better satisfy customer needs, drive retention, increase expansion opportunities, and boost recurring revenue. We’re offering a special startup edition that helps these companies scale their integration strategy as their business grows, which, in turn, will expand their total addressable market and help them beat out the competition.

Professional services offerings for any team

We’re also introducing a new professional services offering. Our integration experts can help fast-moving, resource-strapped teams deliver more high-quality customer integrations faster. Not to mention, we’ll roll out new custom-built connectors to ensure you’re able to integrate with all the services and platforms your customers use.

We offer multiple options with success plans, including our premium plan, which includes onboarding with a named account team plus support from our solutions team and guaranteed SLAs based on ticket severity level. Our supreme plan offers even faster turnaround times, more consulting availability from our solutions team, and a dedicated program management team to own successful project delivery.

Deliver quality customer integrations with confidence

At, your success is our priority. We’ve aligned our pricing and service delivery model to help you successfully deploy integrations to retain customers and scale your business. Learn about our flexible pricing, world-class service team, and much more on our pricing page.

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