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Peter Zavlaris

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Make your products stickier and customers happier with a unified customer integration solution.

Make your products stickier and customers happier with a unified customer integration solution

If you work in software, you already know the challenge of integrations. Specifically, you probably already have customers asking for custom integrations between your company’s software and some other set of tools. Previously, if you didn’t already have native integrations built out, your options were limited, costly, and painful - you’d usually be expected to have your engineering team build out integrations internally, a time-consuming process that took their focus away from making better products! That’s why we’re re-launching Tray Embedded - to empower your company to deliver the integrations your customers demand faster, improve your time-to-value, and help you retain and expand valuable customer accounts in this increasingly challenging economy. Here’s what this means for you.

Two years ago, we quietly launched Tray Embedded to see if software companies would get value from a solution that puts the power of integration into the hands of end-users, via in-product, self-service experiences. To say the answer was “yes” would be a significant understatement. We’ve had an explosion of growth, with nearly a hundred new technology brand customers, such as Eventbrite, Cue, Aurea Software, and Boostr. Over this time, we’ve seen an astounding 500% increase in tasks and workflow growth! In other words, this means that software companies are solving the integration challenge themselves, and doing it faster than ever before.

Helping a wide range of companies successfully embed robust integration capabilities has helped us better understand the integration challenge much more clearly. We’ve gained wisdom, improved our product, and made some exciting discoveries. One of the most important things we realized is that it isn’t just product and engineering teams that need to deliver integration capabilities to end-users.

Professional Services teams find Tray Embedded to be the best solution for creating integrations quickly and at scale for customers. Sales engineers and solutions architects are using Tray Embedded to rapidly prototype integrations during sales cycles. In other words, your customers expect more from your products across the entire customer lifecycle, from early sales conversations to post-sales support. We’ve found that the ability to offer seamless integrations across the customer and product lifecycle gives companies a huge competitive advantage. Companies that can rapidly spin up custom integrations during sales cycles win more deals. Companies that can quickly deliver requested integrations even to mature customer accounts grow their retention and position themselves for account growth. It is clear that software companies need a truly unified customer integration solution that combines a visually intuitive, low-code builder experience with the flexibility of a programmable, fully branded, self-service integration solution.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11.27.01 AM See how Tray Embedded customer Cue dramatically accelerates their integration delivery time

In order to better meet the needs of modern software companies, we are excited to announce a new version of Tray Embedded. We’ve added new features that make it easier to migrate integrations across development, test, and production environments. We’ve made our white-label integration wizard much more flexible. And we’ve added new organizational features that make it easier for multiple teams to build and deliver integrations. Most importantly, we’re announcing two new packages specifically designed for the integration needs of services, sales, product, and engineering teams.

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Designed for service and sales teams, Tray Embedded—Integration Manager provides an intuitive, low-code visual workflow builder that accelerates integration development for both coders and non-coders. Services teams can deliver custom integrations more quickly at higher margins, while sales teams can quickly spin up POCs to overcome integration objections during the sales cycle.

Designed for product and engineering teams, Tray Embedded—Native provides a wide array of wizard-configurable integrations, that can be fully customized and embedded with an in-product experience. Product and engineering teams can create a uniquely differentiated and stickier product experience by providing self-activated integrations directly to customers.

With these packages, you have the flexibility to start your integration journey wherever it makes sense and scale integration organically as demand increases across your customer base. You can build out customized integrations as part of service engagements, or proofs-of-concept, and turn them into fully productized features. It’s the best of all worlds. Finally, there is one platform for sales, service, and product-led integrations.

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