Integration Manager

Empower your services team

Deliver integrations that crush customer satisfaction—fast, profitably, and at scale.

The Tray Platform gives users a robust workflow builder to quick automate across their org

Rather than solving integration challenges with custom development or engineering support, service teams can maximize efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with Tray Embedded—Integration Manager.

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    Deliver on any integration project

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    Drive speed, efficiency, and margin

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    Grow your team’s integration expertise

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    Effortlessly scale to any volume

Supercharge every integration project and delivery

Enable your services team to rapidly deliver any customer integration with no custom coding or developer resources required. Tray Embedded—Integration Manager is a solution designed to help services teams rapidly accelerate time to value for every integration need. Using an intuitive visual builder, and a vast, ever-growing library of connectors to SaaS applications, services teams can quickly develop integrations and reuse them across customer implementations.

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Will Clifford, Professional Services and Solutions Lead at LeafLink

We need to be able to make integrations happen fast. Tray gives us the ability to offer our 6,500+ customers integration solutions that can be configured by the LeafLink Professional Services team with little to no engineering effort in only a matter of days.

Will Clifford, Professional Services and Solutions Lead

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Easy, fast, and flexible integration building experience provides a uniquely flexible, yet intuitive visual building experience for service team members. Connect customer SaaS apps fast, and configure powerful integrations that uniquely meet any customer requirement.

  • connect to any api

    Make a deep connection with any customer web service

    Easily pull and push data to any web service without having to learn API intricacies.

  • Workflows with branch functions automate even the most complex business needs

    Develop complex workflows and data transformations

    Support multi-step, multi-app workflows with conditional logic, branching, and data formatting requirements.

  • Tray templates get your workflows up and running fast

    Automatically format data with comprehensive helpers

    Easily handle text, numerics, data, custom fields, and more with a rich library of integration helpers.

  • Manual triggers from allow testing at your convenience.

    Push and pulling data automatically with triggers

    “Listen” for specific events in your customer’s apps to launch automated workflows.

Connect processes and integrate quickly with TrayDeliver to customer needs quickly with Tray

Repackage and reuse integrations to drive speed, efficiency, and margins

Tray Embedded—Integration Manager enables service team members to convert frequent integrations into reusable templates with a few clicks, and share them with customers. Connect to hundreds of applications, including on-premise, and build in a standardized, repeatable way without having to learn the intricacies of different vendors’ APIs.

Quickly grow your team’s integration expertise

We make ramping your team, easy, fast, and fun, with our customer success team, live support, and a complete learning environment with Tray Academy.

  • Enjoy implementation with our helpful and handy Customer Success Engineers

    Customer Success

    Our highly-trained customer success engineers provide an experienced resource for your team.

  • automation-templates

    Personalized support experience

    Call us or send an in-app chat request for quick turnaround time to any customer integration issue.

  • documentation offers best-in-class instructions, guides, and tips

    Comprehensive best practices guides

    Get step-by-step instructions and tips in our knowledge base.

  • Social events at Tray are fun

    Train your team on integration delivery with Tray Academy

    Fun and educational onboarding experience to get you ramped on the platform fast.

Effortlessly scale to any volume

Support any integration and data volume with a platform that elastically scales with customer demand.

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    Serverless architecture

    Scale up or down automatically to support an unlimited number of tasks.

  • Real-Time-Workflow-Processing

    Real-time processing

    No delays in workflow scheduled start times or execution.

  • Tray-Embedded-Integration-Manager-Icon-Data-Storage

    Complete audit trail

    We store log data for you to inspect workflows to help you iterate faster.

  • Tray-Embedded-Integration-Manager-Icon-Alerting

    Get alerted instantly

    Know when a customer workflow process fails and customize alerts.

  • Tray-Embedded-Integration-Manager-Icon-Log-Data-Storage


    See our Trust page for full details of security measures.

  • Tray-Embedded-Integration-Manager-Icon-Roles-Based-Access-Controls

    Full security management

    Enterprise-level control of user access and permissions.

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