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Extend your development capacity with Tray Embedded experts

Our professional services offering gives you the hands-on developer support to rapidly build out new integrations and deploy customers. Dramatically accelerate your product roadmap with trained experts that can take on the heavy lifting for you.

Professional service packages

With a pre-defined scope of work, our professional services packages help you get up and running fast with a streamlined service offering. Their work is done remotely.

Managed implementation

You can utilize our experts to build, manage, and maintain integrations for your customers. We provide hands-on assistance with our configuration wizard.

Connector development

Using our proprietary Connector Press technology, we rapidly deploy new connectors to meet your end customer needs.


Not only are we launching integrations faster, but we’re able to build them more efficiently, which means we can retask roughly 60% of our integration squad to work on other projects and build even more integrations.

Kabir Mathur, Director of Product Partnerships

Hit your target with the platform

What we offer


We sit down with you for a comprehensive consultation meeting where the agenda is structured around scoping out the full list of your requirements. We work with you to formulate a plan and begin work on deployment.

Development support 

One on one consultation to ensure you successfully configure your app with our GraphQL API.

Configuration Wizard support 

Hands-on support with the Configuration Wizard to ensure the highest quality end-user experience.

Integration support 

Hands-on support with our workflow builder to ensure rapid deployment of customer integrations and smooth customer onboarding.

Custom connectors 

Our connector dev team will build Tray connectors into third-party apps and services for you.

Project management 

We manage the project timeline and deliverable end-to-end. 

User acceptance testing 

You and your team verify that workflows are working as expected.


What’s the difference between a Tray Embedded success plan and professional services?

Professional services provide hands-on, development support based on your requirements. Success plans offer guidance, coaching, and co-development advice.

Does the Premium Success plan come standard with my Embedded account?

Yes, the Premium Success plan is included with your purchase of Tray Embedded Integration Manager and Tray Embedded Native. You have the option to upgrade to the Supreme plan at any time.

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