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Build faster, with less effort

Scale your customer integration capabilities with self-activated, in-product experiences.

Product teams need a way to quickly and easily provide integrations without pulling developer resources away from product innovation. Tray Embedded—Native simplifies the creation of in-product integrations that enable customers to self-service.

  • Accelerate developer productivity

  • Give developers full control

  • Simplified management and great support

  • Trust and scalability built-in

Accelerate your integration roadmap 10X

Rapidly add customer self-activated integration capabilities directly into your product with Tray Embedded—Native. Your product team gets a powerful low-code builder to rapidly create reusable integrations, elastic scalability, and a complete library of connectors. Fully control and customize the native integration experience with a customizable configuration wizard to make integrations feel like an integral part of your product.

Accelerate your integrations with Tray Native
Jordan Spivack, CTO of Cue

Tray Embedded is the rocket fuel that lets us deliver integrations in days, not months, freeing up our resources to focus on building a best-in-class product.

Jordan Spivack, CTO

White label configurations with Tray Embedded

Create in-product integrations without lengthy development

Your development team can create integration workflows with unprecedented speed in our visual builder, and deploy them as easily configurable, parameterized, self-service integrations, directly in your product. Tray Embedded—Native provides a core set of APIs and an embeddable configuration wizard allows any integration to be selected, customized, and deployed in just a few clicks.

Connect processes and integrate quickly with TrayDeliver to customer needs quickly with Tray

The best guided integration experience for your customers

It’s incredibly simple to make integrations customer-ready with the white-label configuration wizard. It allows you to provide a branded, customized, yet guided experience to activate integrations. Customers select the integration they want, step through authentications, fill in parameters, and initiate - all in just a few clicks, in-app.

Tray Embedded Product Left@2x

An intuitive, visual builder accelerates developer productivity

  • connect to any api

    Connect to any SaaS application or web service

    Tap into our vast library of connectors, or directly connect to any REST, SOAP, or GraphQL API.

  • checkmark-circle

    Make codeless modifications

    Define business logic and transformation that’s as flexible as code.

  • Manual triggers from allow testing at your convenience.

    Push and pull data on-demand with flexible triggers

    Launch automated workflows based on trigger events in your or your customer’s apps.

  • automated retries with tray

    Rollback history

    Quickly see every change to your workflow and instantly revert with one click.

  • The platform supports cloning workflows to help you save time.

    Easily create reusable integrations

    Convert new integrations and workflows into reusable templates with a few clicks and productize them.

Full developer control for native integrations

Unlike traditional iPaaS solutions, Tray Embedded—Native provides a GraphQL API for total developer control over the customer experience - even enabling developers to directly tap into connectors through our call connector APIs.

  • Front-End-Development-Icon-White

    Front-end development

    GraphQL interface to simplify your integration with Tray Embedded—Native.

  • Call-Connector-API-Icon-White

    Call connector API

    Programmatic access to hundreds of API connectors.

  • Config-Wiz-Icon-White

    Extensible config wizard

    Extend the configuration wizard experience with JavaScript.

Integration that’s incredibly easy to manage and support

Date and time

Environment promotion

Stand-up development, Q/A, staging, and production environments.


Error-handling and reporting

Know when a customer workflow process fails and share customized error reports.

Extract data

Usage dashboards

Get complete visibility into integration and connector trends and volume.

Realtime logs

Real-time logs

Run logs in real-time to quickly identify and diagnose any issues.

Text helps

Advanced debugging

Easily search and filter logs to rapidly identify errors to debug.

List helpers

List handling

Quickly create lists and perform manipulations to an array of data.

Scale integration. See Tray Embedded in action.

the tray platform diagram

A trusted, scalable platform

  • Scalable

    Elastic scalability

    Serverless infrastructure that scales automatically to support an unlimited number of tasks.

  • Tray's platform allows for session management and complete access control

    Role-based access controls

    Protect your customers’ information with detailed access and permissions settings.

  • Database connector

    On-premise connectivity

    Connect to your customer’s apps whether they live on-premise or in the cloud.

  • List

    Customizable log retention

    Define log retention time to comply with your security policies.

  • platform allows you to build shared workflows.

    SSO for the Enterprise

    Your team can securely and seamlessly login to Tray Embedded—Native with SAML SSO.

  • HIPPA Compliant

    SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant, and more

    See our Trust page for full details of security measures.

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