Tray Embedded Native

Deliver customer integrations at scale

Accelerate your integrations while saving engineering resources


Accelerate developer velocity with a modern, low-code experience

Provide customer integrations 4x faster with hundreds of connectors and a fully embedded configuration wizard. Build what your customers need today to scale your business tomorrow with API capabilities such as GraphQL.

  • Dramatically accelerate your customer integrations roadmap

  • Conserve valuable engineering resources

  • Provide superior UX and empower customers to self-service activation

Since implementing Tray Embedded, we’ve quadrupled our integration delivery speed. More integrations mean happier customers that can respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities even faster.

Martijn Russchen, Senior Product Manager at HackerOne
Martijn Russchen, Senior Product Manager

Create a seamless experience for your customers

Design the end-to-end activation flow for your customers using our fully white-labeled configuration wizard.

Embedded Native - Seamless Experience

Tray Embedded—Native provides a core set of APIs and an embeddable configuration wizard that lets end users select, customize, and deploy any integration in just a few clicks.

It’s incredibly simple to make integrations customer-ready with the white-label configuration wizard. Now, you can offer a branded and customized experience to guide your customers through activations. Customers select the integration they want, step through authentications, fill in parameters, and initiate - all in just a few clicks, in-app.

Populate your integration marketplace, fast

Utilise our ready-to-use connectors as well as our Connector SDK to rapidly scale integrations. See all connectors or get started with a template.

Enterprise class security and operations

  • Role-based access controls

  • On-premise connectivity

  • Customisable log retention

  • SSO for the Enterprise

  • SOC 2 Type 2-certified and compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more

Embedded Native - Security Badges
  • Stand-up development, Q/A, staging, and production environments.

  • Know when a customer workflow process fails and share customised error reports.

  • Usage dashboards give complete visibility into integration and connector trends and volume.

  • Run logs in real time to quickly identify and diagnose any issues.

  • Easily search and filter logs to rapidly identify errors to debug.



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