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Phil Burch

Phil Burch

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @

"Customers of and Dropbox can now benefit from each other’s powerful solutions to automate manual, time-consuming process, and make internal team collaborations more efficient and frictionless."

Greetings Citizen Automators! We have had a busy start to 2019. Since the start of 2019, we released our newest product offering Tray Embedded, added enterprise features like SSO, brought consumer functionality to a B2B experience with Rollback History, an updated documentation platform, and of course - our Series B funding announcement. And we have now added a new partner to our expanding partner network. Today, we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Dropbox!

Customers of and Dropbox can now benefit from each other’s powerful solutions to automate manual, time-consuming process, and make internal team collaborations more efficient and frictionless.

“Our users are often tasked with complex processes and it’s a priority of ours to help simplify and streamline these workflows,” said Billy Blau, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships for Dropbox. “Integrating with’s General Automation Platform will give users the ability to integrate their tech stack with powerful workflows and we’re excited to offer this capability.”

This partnership benefits shared customers of and Dropbox for a wide variety of use cases across sales, marketing, product, design, support and operations to build powerful workflow automations. Today, we’ll dig into some ways that for sales and marketing professionals are using the Tray Platform and the Dropbox connector to do more, faster by automating mission-critical business processes.

05-07-19 Dropbox Partner - GIF 01 For sales professionals: Faster RFP notification and collaboration

A critical component for enterprise B2B sales teams is being able to quickly respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) from their customers and prospects. Responding to RFPs is often an extremely complex project that requires responses and reviews from a variety of stakeholders including: product management, infosec teams, sales leadership, and marketing teams. Let’s assume we are using Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, and the Tray Platform to solve this complex challenge.

In this scenario, when an RFP is requested by a prospect, the salesperson checks a box within Salesforce flagging that the RFP has been requested. Once this occurs, the Tray Platform triggers an action within Dropbox to create a new folder with the prospect’s name and to add in the relevant documents for most RFPs such as security documentation, contract templates, an RFP response repository, and general company information. Once this folder has been created, the Tray Platform then notifies relevant stakeholders in sales, marketing, product, and infosec via Slack that this RFP has been requested and relevant documentation has been added to the folder in Dropbox.

This automated process ensures faster and more effective collaboration just by leveraging the underlying APIs across these services - without needing any coding to build this automation. The RFP team now knows about this project instantly and makes sure they have the relevant information to complete the RFP - without needing any human intervention.

This automation helps keep RFP contributors aligned to get a complex project kicked off with ease!

05-07-19 Dropbox Partner - GIF 02 For marketing professionals: instantly share customer feedback across the organization

Customer feedback is a critical datapoint for nearly every team within an enterprise. Product people need to know how well their products and features are solving real customer challenges. Sales leaders and customer success teams need to understand the full customer experience: the sales process, on-boarding and implementation, and the customer lifecycle through to renewal.

With this example, let’s assume we are using Dropbox for content-based collaboration, Qualtrics to distribute and collect customer feedback, Slack for communication, and the Tray Platform to power the automation.

Once customers submit their responses through Qualtrics and the data is collected, the Tray Platform can export these insights into a CSV. This new file is then automatically added to the relevant folders for each stakeholder across your organization. As new information is added to each folder in Dropbox, a workflow can be triggered to send a Slack message to each team’s channel with a link to this valuable survey data.

This means that every member of your product team instantly has access to and awareness of valuable product feedback without ever having to take the extra time to logging in to Qualtrics. Similarly, customer success and sales teams will only ever need to login to Dropbox to access the insights that our workflow has automatically collected in advance.

Have questions? Check out our Dropbox connector today! Do you want to see the Tray Platform in action? Register for one of our weekly group demos.

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