The Tray Platform enhances documentation for citizen automators


Greetings, Citizen Automators! As our product team continues to expand our product capabilities, our customers told us that we needed a better way to communicate use cases and information about the Tray Platform. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have completely redesigned our documentation platform to help Citizen Automators build more workflows, even faster.

Our product and engineering teams continue to innovate the Tray Platform with powerful new features like SSO for Enterprise customers, Tray for Teams, Tray Analytics, and Sharing workflows on a weekly basis. In order to continue this momentum, the next logical step in our evolution as a company is to build out an exceptional documentation platform and ramp up investment to produce even more resources for our users.

I am pleased to introduce Mike Hewitt, our new technical writer (and man behind the curtain), to the Community!

Mike has been hard at work building out the new documentation experience as well as adding new content about our newest connectors, helpers, and logical operators (to name a few). There are several significant improvements with our new documentation including:

  • An enhanced search engine to make it easier to find relevant resources
  • Superior site navigation and an easy to find table of contents to improve the user experience
  • A full restructure of the site to ensure content is more accessible and designed to guide users through their journey
  • Enhanced feedback analytics to ensure the content is relevant and provides opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Improved style and layout for key concepts like webhooks, triggers, error alerting, data manipulation, etc.  
  • Major improvement in page load speed to help citizen automators get their questions answered, fast

Now that our new documentation is launched, Mike and the rest of the team will be hard at work to build more content that is based on specific customer needs and scenarios. Throughout 2019, we will continue to test, edit, and publish new resources to help our users be even more successful on the Tray Platform.  

Have questions? Check out our new documentation platform today. Want to see the Tray Platform in action? Register for one of our weekly group demos.

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