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Easily process and manipulate CSV files in workflows

Connect to, create, convert, and cleanse any CSV format file, automatically

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Manually cutting, pasting text, converting, and fixing spreadsheets and CSV files is a painful, time-consuming process with lots of manual error. The Tray Platform’s built-in CSV Editor and CSV Reader delivers complete automation and sophisticated CSV dataset intelligence that extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) CSV data for you.

Easily import or create the exact CSV file format you need from any app or database. Convert, enrich, or cleanse any field or value using advanced business logic. Automatically export and directly flow any data into new CSV files you can create instantly, or from any existing CSV file to any other app in your tech stack.

The CSV Editor is a great utility, with lots of good helpers, that lets you perform a lot of customization to manage multiple data sets and easily create uploadable files.

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Import CSV file data to any business process using cloud apps

Whether ingesting marketing, sales, or financial data, it’s easy to integrate a CSV file and run it through a visual workflow that automatically joins, enriches, transforms, and connects any data it contains to apps and business processes, without any manual intervention.

Automate CSV file management to save time and avoid manual errors

Manipulate any text or data in your CSV datasets with automated workflows that use a full set of operations, including create CSV file, add, delete, duplicate, or rename columns and rows - even update individual cells. It’s the fastest way to automate manual updates, even for the most granular CSV data, at scale.

Take control of your CSV file data to flow powerful intelligence

What if you could work with CSV files just like databases? Our CSV Editor lets you join CSV files, find rows, check column and row counts, and then apply powerful business logic like reformatting with text, date, and math operations, sorting, looping, branching, and conditionals for absolute control.

Create a CSV file on the fly from any source

Run on-demand and scheduled workflows that connect and query any number of apps, databases, or API services to your CSV datasets. Apply sophisticated workflow steps to create your perfect CSV file format so that you can automatically flow and integrate your CSV data anywhere in your stack.

Export to CSV files at any time

Whether outputting data for sales or customer analytics, or creating the exact CSV file format you need, it’s easy to process data to convert to CSV and to download CSV files during or after any workflow on the Tray Platform. easy to use drag-and-drop product UI

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