Announcing Tray Embedded - The fastest way for product teams to seamlessly add integration capabilities to their products


    Introducing: Tray Embedded

    Greetings, Citizen Automators! We’re ready to share one of our biggest product developments to date: Tray Embedded, which empowers product teams to focus on building better products rather than using engineering resources to build and maintain on one-off, custom integrations. Product teams need to be able to scale their integration capabilities in order meet market demands and expand their total addressable market (TAM) to grow revenue faster.

    With Tray Embedded, product leaders can seamlessly integrate any business data and applications into their software. By providing more integrations to their customers, companies can grow their TAM by solving integration challenges faster to reach larger market segments, expand their product offerings; and reduce customer churn. As a result, companies can stop focusing on all-too-tactical integration requests from their customers and zero in on what really matters: delivering a roadmap of product features that drive sales, and ultimately focusing on innovating their core products.

    Let’s go over what all this means.

    Building in-house integrations: The problem that hinders growth

    Here’s the problem: Your company produces excellent software, but your customers expect it to already work well with all their other business applications via native software integrations between your product and the thousands of other applications your customers use. These integrations are no longer optional - they’re a baseline requirement.

    (You’ll know your company is experiencing this issue if you find your dev and consulting teams constantly spending cycles on one-to-one point integrations rather than product development.)

    As a reminder, there are more than 6,000 marketing apps for which customers might request integrations (to say nothing of the thousands of others for sales, support, operations, and other functions).

    Customer impact: Copper (formerly Prosperworks)

    The overhead to build integrations in-house is significant and difficult to justify. This is why Copper (formerly Prosperworks) chose to use Tray Embedded to help their team build and maintain their integration marketplace. “It’d take my engineering team three years of building integrations to do what we’ve done with Tray Embedded in a much shorter time,” says Copper’s Senior Director of Product Management, Brett Schuenemann. “Tray Embedded has freed up our engineering resources to work on our core product while leveraging technology to provide customers the flexibility to integrate with their apps, opening the door to Copper’s next stage of growth as we move up-market.”

    Tray Embedded rapidly adds seamless integration and automation

    Tray Embedded lets customers integrate our flexible General Automation Platform within their own product. It works entirely within your software’s UX to deliver a completely seamless experience where your product is the star of the show. And it handles the heavy lifting of software integration and follow-up maintenance, which frees up your development resources to actually develop meaningful features for your company’s own products.

    Tray Embedded does this with:

    - Seamless API-first integration Tray Embedded is an API-first platform. Simply put, this means you can neatly embed the platform into your own product via APIs, invisible to your customers. - Visual workflow builder We give your internal teams full control to build, update, and rapidly deploy new integration logic with our completely visual, clicks-or-code workflow builder. We offer native integrations to hundreds of the most popular business apps. - Extensive connector capabilities Our extensive connector library combined with our Universal Connector and Connector Press capabilities mean rapid development of new connectors. - Elastic scalability via serverless The Tray platform is built on modern serverless architecture that scales in real time with virtually no limitations. - Security All Tray products are SOC2-compliant and GDPR compliant, so Tray Embedded enables you to embed integrations with confidence.

    That’s why we’re so excited about Tray Embedded. We genuinely feel this will alleviate all the integration headaches we keep hearing about from product management leaders - all the wasted cycles our customers and friends devote to supporting integrations they could have been spending on go-to-market.

    To learn more about Tray Embedded, check out our documentation.

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