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The intelligence powering the first iPaaS that everyone can use to complete business processes using natural language instructions

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Love your work, automate the rest is a low-code automation platform designed for both non-technical and technical users to create sophisticated workflow automations that facilitate efficient data movement and actions across multiple applications. Our low-code builder and new Merlin AI transform the automation process by bringing together the power of flexible, scalable automation; support for advanced business logic; and native generative AI capabilities that anyone can use.


For business users
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A collaborative, low-code UX

  • Connect instantly to over 600+ apps

  • Eliminate manual work, without limits

  • Build as a team to innovate fast

For technologists + IT
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Stay in control with robust governance

  • Limit your risk with enterprise security and compliance

  • Scale elastically, without costly provisioning

  • Empower your business teams to automate

For ISVs + service teams
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Deliver customer integrations, fast

  • Scale integrations fully embedded in your app

  • Deliver bespoke integrations 10X faster

  • Transform integrations into a revenue driver

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Automation happens here

The platform makes it simple to connect apps and automate processes at scale, faster than ever before.

The customer-centric low-code automation platform

See why G2 named a Best IT Infrastructure Product for 2022 and 96% of Gartner® Peer Insights™ reviewers recommend the Tray Platform.

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