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Fast, composable, AI-augmented API Management is here

Your projects demand agile microservice delivery. Modernize API Management (APIM) with Tray’s low-code and code-optional development flexibility. Fast-track your API delivery and cut development effort with Tray Merlin AI augmenting every step. With built-in elasticity, observability, and governance, you can easily scale your APIM projects.

Build and deploy APIs in minutes with Tray Build

Less code, more velocity. Tray Build redefines API development, providing the industry’s most flexible, low-code, code-optional IDE for creating, publishing, and maintaining microservices. Visually design complex logic and data transformations, enhancing with JavaScript or Python as needed. Transform projects into a GET/POST REST API with just a few clicks.

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Enterprise API management without the headaches

Tray’s API Management provides comprehensive API policy management, rate limiting, and robust endpoint security, all as standard. Achieve complete observability on API usage and trends with Tray Insights Hub or stream API activity and diagnostics to your preferred cloud monitoring service.

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Accelerate with collaborative, composable development

Bridge the gap between development and business teams with Tray Build’s universal role-based IDE. Whether designing sophisticated microservices or building integrations and automations, one universal IDE lets your whole team work together, maximize and reuse every artifact, and collaboratively compose new services. 

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Augment your entire API Management lifecycle with AI

Engineering spends a lot of time in API development and maintenance grunt work. Leverage Merlin AI within Tray Build as your API development copilot for defining your initial microservice logic, explaining it step-by-step, and even making performance recommendations. So your team can focus and deliver more.

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API Management with serverless elasticity at its core

With Tray, there’s no need to provision, install, and monitor servers, workers, or runtimes to meet anticipated API demand across all your environments. Get complete task-based elasticity, so you can scale up or down on-demand without the operational and cost headaches associated with traditional APIM.

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Say goodbye to costly add-on surprises

Forget unexpected costs with Tray’s straightforward task-based pricing. Pay only for the processing you utilize, covering integration, automation, connectivity, and API usage. Tray makes API management affordable and predictable.

Daniel Wynn from Peddle
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"With the Tray Platform, we can automate away the manual work–and mistakes–and let our teams focus on doing what they do best"

Daniel Wynn, Director of IT