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Grow beyond simple point-to-point integrations

Go beyond simplistic point-to-point integrations to build the automations that your team has only dreamed of.

The Tray Platform has your use cases covered whether you need API integrations to automate business processes, ETL jobs, CSV transformation, and more. accelerates marketing departments


Improve marketing efficiency and scale growth like never before.

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    Lead list uploads

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    Personalized email

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    Lead scoring and routing

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    Data enrichment

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    Happy customer detection

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Stream buying signals and sales updates directly to sales reps.

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    RFP process

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    Approval process

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    Sales enablement

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    Swag automation

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Keep customers coming back with after-care programs and support.

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    Post-sales processing

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    SLA prioritization

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    Support/CRM sync

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    Churn detection

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Technology Solutions

The Tray Platform is incredibly flexible in handling the most challenging enterprise integration requirements.

API Integrations

Connect to any API and build workflows with drag-and-drop ease.

  • Connect to any API
  • Powerful for enterprise
  • Gain process flexibility
  • Scalable for critical processes
  • Easy for citizen automators

CSV Data Automation

Automate the uploading and processing of those pesky CSV files.

  • Download, edit, upload
  • Multi-input methods
  • Transfer data
  • Multi-directional workflows
  • Manipulate and transform CSVs in-memory

Database Integration

Connect to any database, gain new insights, and automate.

  • Product usage data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data warehousing
  • Database migrations
  • Centralize database workflows
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The Tray Platform is the modern-day router of data between our marketing and sales tools

David Dorman, Director of Growth & Demand

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