automate your account -based lead enrichment with the tray platform

Deliver customer success with streamlined process automation using clicks-or-code

Reduce customer churn by providing the right support, to the right customers, at the right time

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Provide your Customer Success and Support teams accurate customer data from every system in your technology stack. Give them the right information so they can respond to your customer’s needs.

Make it easy for every customer facing team to deliver a superior customer experience with the Tray Platform.

The Tray Platform enables better cross-team collaboration, easier sharing of data in real time, and transparency across the client lifecycle.

mike atwood
Mike Atwood Executive Director of Client Success
Vox Media

Meet and exceed your SLAs for every customer

Use your resources effectively by prioritizing support requests automatically.

Proactively detect potential churn risks

Be proactive for any potential customer issues by providing support teams and sales reps a complete picture of customer health.

Build a 360 view of the customer experience

Centralize sales and support related customer interactions from web chat, CRM, and customer service applications in a single source of truth.

With Tray Platform you can easily integrate and automate your apis


create-a-churn-risk-detection-system blog post cover image

Finally, an answer to customer churn

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Vox Media

Vox Media connects and automates pre- and post-sales to streamline workflow

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Learn how to prioritize customer support queues

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Optimize your events with Zuora-Slack integration

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Broaden visibility of customer health

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