Why Tray?

Easy for citizen automators

Business people often don't have dev resources. With the Tray Platform, you can integrate apps and automate processes yourself using clicks-or-code.

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Automation has fundamentally changed our approach to building processes. So far, we have yet to find something that the Tray Platform can’t do.

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Easy, intuitive interface

The Tray Platform is designed to be easy enough for team members to build with clicks-or-code.

  • The Tray platform is completely web-based and required no downloads.

    No downloading necessary

    The Tray Platform is 100% web-based. Our front end is built with react.js for a fast UI and complex workflows.

  • drag-drop

    Workflow builder: drag, drop, done

    Configure automation with an easy drag-and-drop workflow editor to build with clicks-or-code.

  • With the undo / redo Tray platform feature you can simplify your building process


    Quickly undo or redo steps to simplify building workflows

  • Grey-Step Descriptions

    Step Descriptions

    Document every step of your workflows for easy collaboration

  • dashboard

    Dashboard for the quick overview

    Check workflow success without manually inspecting each one.

  • Identify loops and branches for easy identification with the Tray platform

    Loop and branch highlighting

    Quickly identify items that are part of a particular workflow enclosure.

  • The Tray.io platform supports search and workflow labeling.

    Workflow labeling and search

    Easily find the one workflow you need out of hundreds.

  • With Tray.io it's as easy as drag-and-drop.

    Point-and-click data field selection

    Dynamic output schemas make it easy to select the fields to connect.

  • The Tray.io platform supports cloning workflows to help you save time.

    Seeing double? Clone workflows

    Clone and modify workflows to save you time.

  • Tray.io platform allows you to build shared workflows.

    Build workflows with your entire team

    Easily share workflows for enhanced collaboration

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Automatically format data with useful helpers

Transform data between software with ease with these helpful operations.


Encrypt and hash data so you know it’s safe.

Logic Helpers

Build sophisticated logic beyond simple 1-to-1 comparisons


Run basic arithmetic on number values in your workflow.

Date & Time

When different apps use different date formats, you can too.


Easily extract data from any object.


Retrieve data and manipulate items in a list with simply named operations.


Filter, format, and transform strings.

Phone Number Helpers

Check and extract phone numbers in any format you choose

Random Helpers

Incorporate random number generators into your workflows

File Helpers

Create a JSON file directly from an API response


Process large flat files and easily transfer them anywhere you want

Expert support, documentation, and training at your fingertips

Integrations are business critical. That’s why we’re there right alongside you. We’ll help you get up and running, answer questions, provide tips and do almost anything to grow your success.

Customer Success

Our customer success engineers have computer science degrees, are deeply experienced and they’re fun.

Attentive and helpful support

Call us or send an in-app chat request for a quick turnaround time.


Read step-by-step instructions and tips in our knowledge base.

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